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AI in your pocket: (really) smart smartphones will invade the market

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Earlier this year, Samsung launched its Galaxy S24 series, its first smartphones with Galaxy AI features. These include a feature that helps write text messages and emails, another that summarizes articles for the user, or even a brand new translation system. The Korean giant has indeed made a very strong impression by presenting these unique new products. However, within a few years, this type of functionality, based on generative AI and partly on information processing directly on the smartphone processor (but not in the cloud), will be the standard in the industry .

Recently, the company Canalys published its predictions on AI smartphone sales worldwide. According to this, in 2024, 16% of new smartphones shipped worldwide will be considered AI smartphones. In 2025, this share will increase to 28%. And in 2028, more than half (54%) of smartphones shipped will be AI smartphones. “This growth is driven by rapid advancements in chip technology and increasing consumer demand. Global major players such as Apple, Google and Samsung, as well as Chinese major players HONOR, OPPO, Xiaomi and vivo, are at the forefront of integrating AI capabilities into their devices”, Canalys also indicates on its website.

The announcements will follow one another

It should be noted that the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, for high-end Android devices, is already capable of powering small AI models locally, without going through the cloud. Furthermore, Google has already developed Gemini Nano, a version of its Gemini model which has been miniaturized to work locally on certain smartphones.

As for manufacturers, some have already announced the integration of artificial intelligence into their models. For example, this May the Honor brand has indicated that it will integrate the Gemini AI model, as well as the Imagen 2 image generator. Otherwise, there is also Apple which, in a few days, will present iOS 18 The Cupertino company has already indicated that it is working on generative artificial intelligence and normally the next iOS update should include some new features based on this technology.

  • With the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung launched the trend of “AI smartphones”
  • And according to Canalys, 16  % of smartphones shipped worldwide are expected to fall into this category in 2024
  • In 2028, more than half of smartphones shipped would fall into this category

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