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Despite its media success, ChatGPT has not yet become part of the daily lives of the French

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Since its launch, ChatGPT has been making headlines every day. But despite this media success, the OpenAI chatbot is still far from having integrated the daily lives of Internet users. In any case, this is what is suggested by a study published by Reuters Institute and Oxford University. As part of this, more than 12,000 people in six countries, including France and the United States, were interviewed.

According to this study, ChatGPT is the best known and most used generative artificial intelligence product in the six countries studied. Nearly 50% of Internet users in these countries know ChatGPT. In contrast, in Japan, only 1% of respondents say they use ChatGPT daily. In France, it's 2% and in the United States, we have a higher rate of 7%. Additionally, the publication explains that “many of those who report using generative AI have only used it once or twice, and it has not yet become an integral part of the 'daily use of the Internet.”

Otherwise, the study also mentions the existence of a minority of Internet users, located between 20% and 30%, who did not know the most popular AI products. The study also indicates that in the six countries studied, ChatGPT has between two and three times more users than Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot, the most used competing products.

A situation that will evolve?

In other words, given that ChatGPT is very regularly mentioned by the media, it is well known to the general public. On the other hand, it (as well as its competitors) still has difficulty integrating daily routines. However, this could change. On the one hand, AI becomes more efficient and therefore more useful. Recently, for example, OpenAI presented its new GPT-4o model, with which we can discuss in a more natural way.

But besides that, generative AI is also becoming more accessible. Microsoft is already integrating its Copilot artificial intelligence into Windows PCs. And for its part, Google will integrate its Gemini model on Android. As for Apple, it is rumored that it could announce a partnership with OpenAI which will allow it to offer ChatGPT technology on the iPhone.

  • A new study on the use of ChatGPT and similar products indicates that while these products are known to the general public, they struggle to integrate into the daily routines of Internet users
  • En France, only 2% of respondents indicate that they use ChatGPT every day
  • But this situation could change thanks to new versions of AI models , and the integration of these on different devices (PC, smartphones, etc.)

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