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Algeria - Angola: the Greens surprised for their entry into this CAN... the summary of the match

Well launched thanks to a goal from Bounedjah, Algeria experienced a physical low which benefited &agrav; Mabululu (1-1). This draw already puts the blame on the table. the Greens under pressure in this CAN 2024 in Cote d'Ivoire.

Algeria - Angola: the Greens surprised for their entry into this CAN... the summary of the match

Algeria 1: 1

Algeria - Angola: the Greens surprised for their entry into this CAN... the summary of the match

Angola Live

23:10 – Algeria will already be there under pressure in five days to stay alive in this CAN 2024

With this draw, the Greens are off to another bad start. On January 20, they will have to defeat Burkina Faso, another favorite of the group, to place themselves well within Group D. 

Sure in his subject in the first period, – the image of a twirling Belaili, Algeria took the advantage thanks to a superb half-volley from Bounedjah (1-0, 18th). It was then difficult to see what could happen à the band &agrav; Belmadi, who made his opponent run thanks to à his technical mastery (67% possession in the first period). Upon returning from the locker room, the Greens experienced a sudden physical breakdown. À To believe it, Angola was able to equalize through Mabululu. The Angolan striker received a penalty for a foul committed by Bentaleb. He took care of it. himself with the help of the crossbar (1-1, 68th). The result thus seems logical because the two nations each had their own period. 

22:57 – Cipriano Da Cruz saves Angola (90th+6)

Offset by his partner, Chaibi rolled upé his ball. The ball was kicked. pushed back in the corner. The Greens give everything! 

22:55 – Mahrez gets a good free kick (90th+5)

Returning to the axis, the captain of the Greens armed; a hit. An Angolan countered; the ball in the hand. It's a free kick à 20 meters from the opposing goal for Algeria. 

22:52 – Cipriano Da Cruz relieves Angola (90th+3)

Overflowing, Ounas gave a cross to the near post. The Angolan goalkeeper was the quickest on this ball. 

22:52 – There will be seven minutes of time additional!

Everything remains possible at the end of the match. Green supporters regain hope. 

22:49 – Slimani can't cope make the difference (90th)

On a corner from the right, the Greens striker placed a head à side of the Angolan goal. 

22:47 – Algeria dominates at the end of the game (88th)

The Greens are laying siege to the Angolan penalty area. For the moment, Fredy's partners are resisting. 

22:44 – Mahrez obtains a good free kick in this Algeria – Angola (86th)

À At the entrance to the penalty area, the captain of the Greens was attacked. taken over illegally by an Angolan. It's an open corner type free kick. 

22:43 – Gaspar makes a great intervention (82nd)

On a cross from Ounas, the Angolan defender passed through the ball. in front of Slimani. The following corner did nothing. 

22:41 – Belmadi makes two changes in this Algeria – Angola (81st)

Bennacer and Atal leave the pitch. Guitoun and Aouar will play the last ten minutes. 

22:40 – Atal é receives a yellow card in this Algeria – Angola (79th)

For a jersey pull, the right side is warned. The Greens are experiencing a big physical dip. 

22:39 – Angola makes two changes (78th)

Alfonso and Milson will finish this part. Augusto and Luvumbo return to the substitutes' bench. 

22:37 – Mabululu takes his chance from afar in this Alg& ;eacute;rie – Angola! (77th)

The Angolan striker has been untenable since he came into play. His shot nevertheless passes well above the kept goal ; by Mandrea. 

22:35 – Bennacer collapses in the Angolan penalty area! (76th)

The referee of this game does not flinch. Belmadi is furious, but the midfielder did nothing to resist the attack. his fall. He was at the end of his race. 


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