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DIRECT. Cameroon - Guinea: the Indomitable Lions hanging on, the match summary

Taken by surprise by intense Guineans, the Cameroonians were unable to take advantage of their superiority. numerically to win and concede an unencouraging draw (1-1).

DIRECT. Cameroon - Guinea: the Indomitable Lions hanging on, the match summary

Cameroon 1: 1

DIRECT. Cameroon - Guinea: the Indomitable Lions hanging on, the match summary

Guinea Live

20:36 – Good evening

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow this Group C match between Cameroon and Guinea. The CAN continues this evening on linternaute.com with the entry into contention of Algeria against Angola & 9 p.m.

DIRECT. Cameroon - Guinea: the Indomitable Lions hanging on, the match summary

The two clenched fists of François Kamano in the stands contrasted with the crestfallen expressions of the Cameroonians on the pitch. Expelled At the end of the first period for a sole on Magri, the Guinean captain savored the bravery of his partners who held on until the end to maintain the draw. A draw that looked like a victory for Kaba Diawara's men, admirable in their solidarity. in inferiority; digital, and much more disappointing for the indomitable Lions, incapable of wrapping up the meeting despite the victory. their clear domination. A result that is all the more damaging as it puts them in a delicate situation for the rest of the competition.

This is because the Cameroonians quickly fell into the trap set by the national Syli. It only took 10 minutes à Bayo to remind us of the efficient scorer that he is. Served in depth by Cont&eac;, the former Clermont player approached Ondoa for the first time. Onana's replacement pushed the shot back down the middle to Kemen, who didn't have the presence of mind to clear away. Pressé and caught by Konat&eac; and Moriba, he returned the ball à right in the surface &agrav; Bayo. There, the Guinean attacker did not need to be asked and adjusted the opposing goalkeeper from the inside of the right. An opening score which was not surprising as the Guineans showed themselves to be aggressive and incisive. A direct game, without unnecessary preparation, to better get ahead of the Cameroonian rearguard. The Indomitable Lions reacted immediately but Anguissa did not manage to do so. straighten his head & point blank and let his team run after the score.

Without imagination face &agrav; a tight block and waiting for the loss of the ball to explode on the counter, Cameroon purred and only owed its salvation to the score. the intervention of the VAR. In added time of the first period, Kamano scored a yellow which the referee turned into red due to the dangerousness of the player. of the gesture of the Guinean. Without their captain, the Guinean selection fell back even further and it ended at the start of the second period when Magri took a step back. ;e quilted with a distilled center; by Nkoudou, lively but too messy on his accelerations. This was the only Cameroonian lightning strike until the end of the year. this strike from Toko Ekambi, otherwise too discreet at the forefront to make us forget the absence of Aboubakar, which Kon&eac; took charge of capturing in two stages.

Until the end, Moriba and his partners gave up nothing, weathering the Cameroonian waves without flinching, pushing back the countless centers, to obtain a well-deserved draw. and which made its unfortunate captain happy. For its part, Cameroon is off to a bad start in its competition and already finds itself behind. under pressure as the clash against Senegal, defending champion and impeccable against Senegal, looms in four days. Gambia (3-0).

20:16 – Bayo's reaction

"We had a good match. We are off to a good start! and we scored but the red card hurt us. Behind, it was tough. We resisted; and managed to hold this point of the draw", summed upé at the microphone of beIN Sports, Mohamed Bayo, author of the Guinean goal and elected man of the match.

20:05 – A draw that suits Senegal

With this draw between the Cameroon and Guinea, it was Senegal which carried out the great operation of this first day in Group C. The defending champion is in the lead with 3 points and is therefore ahead of the Guineans and Cameroonians. He will be able to ensure his qualification for the round of 16 from the next match if he manages to qualify. dominate the Indomitable Lions. Beaten 0-3, Gambia is dead last.

Reduced & 10 and cornered on its goal throughout the second period, Guinea frustrated Cameroon and snatched a draw to begin its CAN (1-1). Surprised at the start of the match by Bayo, the Cameroonians were able to react after the break but then failed to score. imagination and sharpness to win.

19:59 – Last change in Guinea

To break the Cameroonian rhythm, Kaba Diawara makes a change à the 90+5', bringing out Konat&eac; to cast Sylla.

19:57 – Moriba hits à side

Sylla manages to keep the ball à left and gives &agrav; Sylla on the axis. At around twenty meters, the number 10 from Guinea chose to shoot from the right. It'sécrushedé and too crossedé from the Guinean community, which exhausted, apologizes to his partners.

19:56 – Nkoudou collides à a rock

Anguissa strikes in the axis and transmits into the surface à Nkoudou. On the left, the Cameroonian lets himself be locked in by Sylla, who takes the upper hand and finally gets a foul which gives some breathing room to the Guineans.

19:55 – Additional time: 6 minutes

There will be six minutes of additional time in this second period between Cameroon and Guinea.

19:54 – Koné still l&agrav;

At 30 meters in the axis, Nkoudou lifts his free kick but in the area, itè ;is Koné who comes to impose himself in the air with his two hands.

Side right, Anguissa avoids the goal kick and gives Tchamadeu whose cross finds Toko Ekambi in the area. The former Lyon player pivots and delivers a right strike. On his line, Koné makes the save and then catches it as a Cameroonian rushes for the ball. There are 3 minutes left in regular time.

19:49 – Bayo exits

< p>Author of the Guinean goal in the first half, Bayo gives up his place to Kanté for the last 5 minutes of regular time.

19:48 – Kemen unscrews< /h3>

Continued à a center from Castelletto poorly cleared, Toko Ekambi plays behind for Kemen. At the right corner of the area, the Cameroonian midfielder takes his chance but strikes from outside the right. The frame is completely missing.

19:48 – Nkoudou is not going there

Kemen dezones right and wraps a well-felt cross into the area for Nkoudou who does not commit and lets the ball escape him.

19:45 – Gonzalez does not continue

Nkoudou places another corner in the area. This time he finds Gonzalez but is embarrassed. by his opponent in front of him, the Cameroonian does not place his head and clumsily controls his chest before losing the ball.

19:43 – Ten more minutes

The game is stopped. a few moments to allow à Conté to recover after the blow received on his shin and left foot. There are ten minutes left in this match and Cameroon dominates territorially without achieving à find the shift to force the decision face to face one Guinea, reduced to 10 since the end of the first period.

19:42 – Nkoudou touches the ball

Décalé &agrav; right where it is often left behind alone, Castelletto applies his right foot to wrap his center. At the far post, Nkoudou struggles with Diakit&eac;, who pulls his jersey, and only manages&eacute; touch the ball with your head. Safe for Koné and Guinea.

19:40 – Bayo poorly served

Near the center line, at right, Diakité takes the free kick and swings straight ahead for Bayo who made the call. The Guinean attacker is too tight and cannot get the best of Moukoudi who provides cover.

19:38 – Two changes for Cameroon

At the end of the cool-off break, Rigobert Song brings in Gonzalez and Tchamadeu. The two men replace Wooh and Magri respectively.

19:37 – Cool break

< p>Due to the heat that reigns here, Yamoussoukro (36 degrees), players are allowed to play. take a break to quench your thirst. We are &at; the 73rd minute of play and Cameroon and Guinea are up. equality (1-1).

19:36 – Yongwa in force

Loving bayo the ball in the axis and plays in a short deflection for Camara who is at home. its sides. The Guinean leader projects but Yongwa makes the effort to pass the shoulder and resists the attack. impact.

19:33 – Jeanvier in corner

Wooh passes in front of Bayo to intercept the Guinean pass. The Rennais moves up the field and orients à right on Castelletto in winger position. the Nantais curls a cross which Jeanvier cuts at the near post and deflects for a corner. Behind his back, Toko Ekambi and Magri were nearby.

19:29 – Ntcham well above

Served in the axis à 27 meters by Nkoudou, Ntcham fires with the right a dry shot which flies above the guarded goal. by Koné.

19:28 – Yellow card for Diakhaby

Au Diakhaby's turn to receive a warning. The Guinean defender is guilty of having shot an opponent's jersey.

19:27 – Ondoa above Jeanvier

< p>At 35 meters, Moriba extends his free kick to put it in the Cameroonian area. Party à the offside limit, Jeanvier disputes the ball à Ondoa but the doorman manages to put your fists forward to relieve your camp.


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