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Alien: Romulus: the director reveals the film's making secrets

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Tick toc tick tock tick tock… Time passes and the release of Alien: Romulus is taking shape. It is in fact on August 14 that the ninth film in the saga will be released in French cinemas. In the meantime, director Fede Álvarez is busy promoting this feature film.

A lot of work on the design

He recently explained to our colleagues from Entertainment Weekly the way in which he intends to preserve the artistic touch of the first parts of the franchise. The filmmaker thus underlines:

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The director continued his media tour by speaking to the agency Associated Press. He states thus about of Alien: Romulus: “It’is a return to the original form. Deep down, at its heart, it's a horror thriller. It was a world that felt familiar, that I thought I knew, but went to much more adult and frightening places….

Ridley Scott validates Alien: Romulus

This is undoubtedly good news, because the last feature films in the saga were not necessarily as visually successful as the first ones. And this, even if the production benefited from the latest innovations in special effects.

Fede Álvarez also showed his film to Ridley Scott: “He was the first person to see it, outside of my circle. As soon as it was ready, I showed it to him. He came into the room and said, What can I say? Fede, that's great. It’was the happiest day of my life”.

Waiting to enjoy this ninth Alien on big screen, we invite you to reread our article which goes into more detail about this feature film.

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