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Here are the foods that cause the most gas, none of them are beans

Certain popular foods act like real health bombs. delay once in our intestines and cause significant flatulence.

Who has never felt bloated? à the end of a meal to the point of passing gas, sometimes noisy and smelly? The subject can make you laugh or embarrass, However, digestion and flatulence are a real health issue. In France, nearly 50% of the population is affected by digestion problems, a figure that has stagnated for several years.

Intestinal gas is part of the job of digestion and occurs when bacteria in the intestine use fermentation to break down food. First surprise: they are generally odorless. In reality, the bad smell that accompanies flatulence is due to the presence of sulfur in food. If it is consumed in excess, it can cause bloating as well as significant stomach aches and sometimes complications such as intolerances, infections and even in certain cases of illness.

According to nutritionist Aline Becker, there are four foods that cause flatulence in large quantities. important. In its list, the best known are obviously the products with lactose based. Products such as milk and yogurt are made up of lactose, a complex sugar which, in the body, must be broken down. by an enzyme called “lactase”. But "some people are born without the ability to to produce lactase,” explains the specialist in an interview with Sport life. The lactose present in the intestine is therefore poorly digested, which leads to an excess of gas in the body which must be, sooner or later, evacuated.

Here are the foods that cause the most gas, none of them are beans

Another cause of flatulence: foods à gluten-based. Protein, present in many foods, transforms into a paste which sticks to the walls of the food. intestine and blocks the absorption of nutrients, thereby complicating all digestion. Lactose and gluten are the two main types of food intolerances that medicine has detected in recent years. es.

Two other foods that cause flatulence are perhaps more surprising, according to Aline Becker. Red meat, for example, is one of the foodstuffs that give the most gas to the body. man. For several years, red meat has been increasingly contraindicated in the implementation of a healthy diet due to the harmful effects it causes. ;#39;she has for the body. But above all, it is heavy for the body and, like any product rich in proteins, it slows down digestion.

Finally lesser known, chewing gum is particularly conducive to the creation of gas. Firstly because like any sweet product, it acts as a brake on your appetite. the digestion. Then because it contains sweeteners like sorbitol that the body has difficulty absorbing. digest. In addition, the chewing produced when chewing gum is chewed. certainly has the effect of suppressing hunger, but it also makes you swallow a large quantity of food. air.

To relieve yourself, without risking asphyxiation of those around you, it can therefore be recommended to be careful à its consumption of gluten, lactose, sugar, and fatty products very rich in protein. Certain fiber-rich vegetables can also create a healthy amount of fiber. intestinal gas. There is no miracle solution since it is part of the digestion process. But to prevent the onset of flatulence, it is better to eat sensibly.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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