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All these homes will automatically increase in value thanks to a new rule

Good news for many owners: the price of their property will be able to increase.

This is the subject that makes you bite your nails. many owners: the value of their home. Whether it is because a credit must be repaid, or because savings have been made. invested, seeing one's property(ies) lose value is a real anguish. However, currently, those forced to give up their house or apartment must resolve to do so. lower their price, given the still high borrowing rates, around 4%. The decrease in transaction amounts has been continuous for two years and the horizon does not seem to be getting any clearer.

However, a ray of sunshine could pierce the grayness overlooking the market. real estate. Thousands of owners will in fact see their homes automatically increase in value within a few weeks, thanks to the entry into force of a new rule. Without doing anything, the increase could be around 10%, on average. Thus, an apartment currently being renovated; the sale &agrav; 80,000 euros could be displayed up to 'à 88,000 euros.

All these homes will automatically increase in value thanks to a new rule

The reason for this increase is simple: an adjustment in the calculation of the Energy Performance Diagnostic. This document, called&eac; more commonly DPE, makes it possible to establish the level of thermal insulation and energy consumption of each home. Very often called into question due to its method of calculation, this tool has benefited from the use of this tool. of a modification which will benefit 140,000 homes.

These are certain accommodations, 40m² maximum, classified G and F who, in reality, obtained this grade "by mistake" &agrav; due to calculation bias. This one was é corrected and will therefore allow &agrav; these houses and apartments to move to E. This change is not trivial. It is even essential for the owners concerned.

First, from a financial point of view. Having a DPE F or G meant losing between 15 and 20% of value, compared to having a DPE F or G. a neutral DPE (letter D). By moving to E, the difference will only be 7% on average, according to the figures from Notaries of France on the impact of DPE on the price. But that's not all. This will also allow them to rent out their property until 2034, without having to carry out thermal insulation work.

To find out if your house or apartment is affected, simply enter your DPE number on this simulator, which will tell you if your accommodation changes class. energetic. If this is the case, a certificate can be downloaded, at your request. from July 1, indicating that your accommodation is no longer a sieve. The DPE will not be available have it done again by a professional.

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