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Thanks to à this new device, this help becomes automatic. There will no longer be a hole in the racket.

This is one of the government's struggles. While tax fraud or social assistance fraud is often brought to the forefront, the opposite phenomenon is often the case. does exist: that of French people who do not receive the social rights to which they can claim. If various devices have been implemented, set up to easily allow à each household to discover all the aid available to them, a new step will be taken very soon thanks ;thanks to technological progress.

The project is clear to help the French with the least income: put in place solidarity. &agrav; The source. In other words, the collectible social benefits arrive directly in the bank account, without taking the slightest administrative step. If the automatic payment of the RSA and the activity bonus is the flagship ambition, another aid will get the ball rolling and serve as a crash test, & using artificial intelligence.

From September 2024, school scholarships will in fact be automatically paid to eligible families. This financial aid, paid by the State, allows low-income households to receive money when their child is in school. in middle school, then in high school, in addition to the back-to-school allowance. At middle school, between 37 and 162 euros are paid each term for each child, and even 156 for children. 331 euros when he is in high school. This sum is allocated to three times, generally at the end of December, the end of March and the end of June.

More than a million French people will automatically receive this aid

Until now, it was necessary to complete an online application on the Educonnect site every year, within the prescribed deadlines. ;eacute;s. From now on, there will be nothing left to do. TO DO. Only your agreement will be necessary to authorize the establishment at this time. transmit your identity to the tax authorities so that the latter can verify your eligibility. &agrav; the scholarship and pays you the amount directly. If you do not accept that the college or high school serves as an intermediary, you will then have to complete the traditional application form. The agreement or disagreement will only be valid for one year and the question of consent will therefore be asked every year.

According to the latest official figures, around 1.5 million households benefit from a college scholarship or high school. To receive this aid for a child, the resources of the entire household must not exceed 1,500 euros monthly net before taxes, or 1,900 euros for two children.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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