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This tax box is a headache for parents, here's how to fill it out without making a mistake

Many parents often hesitate when filling out a box on the tax return specific to their tax form. their children.

This is the traditional spring meeting. The annual declaration of income to the tax authorities arrives with the lot of worries, fears and anxieties that it can generate among the population. 

Among all taxpayers, parents are often confused when it comes to filing their returns, especially those who have young children. During the first years of their offspring's life, they often resort to a type of care: the nursery, the childminder or even the nanny. residence. Arrangements which generate significant costs. However, the latter must be indicated in the taxes and make it possible to reduce the bill paid to the tax authorities. the tax administration.

How to declare them correctly? What costs can be deducted from taxes? In which boxes should you -I fill in these expenses? What about the aid already provided? paid by the State? On the surface, this can quickly be frightening. In reality, you just need to focus on two lines, depending on the guard mode you have chosen.

This tax box is a headache for parents, here's how to fill it out without making a mistake

If your child is in daycare, you should look at the line "Child care costs for children under 6 years" (box 7GA). Here, the taxes indicate à Linternautethat it is simply necessary to insert the total costs invoiced annually by the structure, therefore enter the total of the monthly invoices or the annual invoice, the aid from the Caf and, ;possibly, from your company being directly deducted before you pay.

If your child is with a childminder, it is this same box 7GA that concerns you. But this time, a little calculation must be made: it is necessary to deduct the monthly aid from the Caf and the aid towards the e by your company, if you receive them, of the total paid &agrav; "the'ass-mat". An example:

  • Daycare fees paid the childminder (include social security contributions): 8000 euros
  • Aid from the Caf: 319.07 euros per month, or 3,828.84 ;euros per year
  • Business aid: 400 euros per year
  • Amount à insert in box 7GA: 3761.16 euros

In the case where ù you have your child looked after your home, the box à fill out is not the same. It is 7DB, located in the "Services & ; the person: employment à home", which concerns you. Here, you simply need to enter all expenses incurred for the nanny's remuneration.

Finally, in January, taxes probably paid you some money. A document entitled; "Amount of advance tax reductions and credits" has been given to you sent (by mail or directly on your personal tax space), on which an amount is entered.

This must not deduct the amounts noted in the boxes mentioned above. On the other hand, it must be marked in box 8EA "Advance on reductions and tax credits received on account& At the start of the year. The tax administration then takes care of making the total calculations and reducing the amount of tax that you will have to pay.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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