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All these retirees can request a retirement supplement but have not been informed of it

“All these retirees can request a retirement supplement but have not been informed of this”

A few hundred euros can be received additionally each month by former workers.

1516 euros gross. Voilaà what, on average, a withdrawal affects in France, according to the latest official data. An amount close to the minimum wage, after dozens of years at work. to work. This pension varies between men and women as well as depending on the career experience of each person and the remuneration received. Each year, it is revalued on January 1 (+5.3% in 2024) to cope with the increase in demand. the rising cost of living.

However, it is possible to obtain a little more income thanks to this. a well-known system: the survivor’s pension. For retirees, this involves receiving part of their spouse's pension if the latter has died. To do this, you must have been able to do this. married, civil partnerships and cohabitation do not give rise to rights to this complement.

As with the pension for any withdrawal, the reversion is broken down into two payments: the security payment; social security (basic pension) and that of the supplementary pension. Unlike &agrav; the complementary, the security The social security system only grants the survivor's pension based on the income of the person who can claim it. reversion. Thus, some are not entitled to this benefit. this additional income.

However, this could change this year for certain retirees, without them having been informed. informed. Indeed, the resource ceiling à not to exceed to be able to receive the survivor's pension has been established. raised early 2024. It has passed of 1953.46 euros gross per month & 2019.33 euros. So, if a person who earned more than the 2023 limit is now in trouble for various reasons, he or she can ask for compensation. receive the survivor’s pension.

The texts which govern its payment do not provide for a deadline for making a request for obtaining it. No matter the number of years after the death of the spouse, it is always possible to receive part of their pension. A subtlety is however à keep in mind: if the request is made one year after the death of the spouse, security social security also pays everything that should have been received between the date of death and the request for compensation. reversion.

On average, the survivor's pension represents an additional 775 euros on the amount of retirement received by a retired woman, compared to 345 euros for a male withdrawal. However, these latest data from the Drees, published in mid-2023, are established at the same time. based on statistics from 2016.

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