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This alert email has been received by 5 million people, it is official and it is better to read it to avoid a scam

“This alert email has been received by 5 million people, it is official and it is better to read it to avoid a scam”

Around 5 million people received an email that should not be ignored.

In the torrent of emails that you may receive, perhaps you are not ready to respond. attention à this one, senté &agrav; the end of February. It's the kind of email that you never know the truth of again. At first glance. Regularly, alert messages are received to inform of an attempt to connect to your computer. your name on a website. But sometimes, the links present in the body of the email contain a virus which allows you to be hacked and see a certain amount of personal information. So, it's not always easy to find your way around.

In recent days, it's an e-mail with the subject “Secure your Chèque-Vacances” account. who arrived in nearly 5 million boxes. The holiday voucher platform has indeed been expanded. victim of hackers. So an email was sent. sent &agrav; all users of the platform to warn them and advise them to better protect their personal access. "The ANCV has been the subject of connection attempts to Chèque-Vacances user accounts by malicious actors who use personal data. are obtained elsewhere. […] As a preventive measure, we ask you to change the password allowing you to access this site. your Chèque-Vacances" account, is it written.

A communication which is indeed official, confirms the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV) & Linternaute. Thus, the 4.7 million beneficiaries of this aid must change the password which allows them to access the service. their personal account. The point: to prevent people who have recovered from being infected. data to use the money you have. Your balance is &at; 0 so this doesn't seem necessary to you? Bad idea. Hackers could à Log in again in a few weeks/months when you have been there. credit and could therefore be used à without your knowledge.

Since the implementation of these digital holiday vouchers in 2022, more and more beneficiaries resort to it. More than 66 million euros have been allocated. spent this way. A long-awaited development which allows, among other things, to pay for train tickets online at any time. with the help of these checks. When paying on the SNCF website, simply log into your ANCV account to collect the invoice amount. D'où the interest of changing your password to avoid having your money stolen.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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