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These cities in the sun where everyone can buy a house with a garden, even if they earn the minimum wage

The dream of accessing the propertyé is quite possible, even with low income.

This is the dream of many French people. 61% of tenants aspire to become owners, and, more particularly, 80% of 18-34 year olds. An ambition which, in recent months, seems to be fading in view of the economic situation. Credit rates being particularly high, it is difficult to be granted a loan by the bank. However, it is still possible to access property, even in the current context and on minimum wage.

20% of workers earn minimum wage. However, these employees can hope to buy their house or apartment, despite the financial crisis. their low income. With current rates, the maximum amount that can be borrowed is by a couple on the minimum wage is 181 275 euros. A simulation carried out based on a loan over 25 years,   4.22% (excluding insurance).

If this monthly payment from 979€ does not allow you to afford great luxury in the metropolises, it does however allow you to aim for the purchase of a house with an exterior -terrace or garden- in cities where the sun shines throughout the year. While there is certainly not an abundance of opportunities, there are many possibilities to settle down in a more than mild climate. .

By cross-checking the possible loan calculatedé by the broker Pretto and data from the sunniest cities compiled by Linternaute, several municipalities appear attractive for settling in the sun even without too many resources. What the houses currently confirm à sales on various platforms known to all.

Unsurprisingly, we find them around the Mediterranean, between the Spanish border and Marseille. Thus, municipalities like Perpignan, and its 265 days of sunshine per year, make it possible to find properties within the budget with a terrace or garden, just like the neighboring municipality of Saint-Laurent-de-la -Salanque, even closer to the sea. Going up the coast, Béziers and the surrounding villages also appear to be an affordable area, with numerous offers of houses with an exterior. An area where the sun shines 283 days a year.

More inland, but just as sunny, Carcassonne and its city are just as sunny. offer a peaceful and financially accessible setting with many possibilities. Finally, more &agrav; East, if Montpellier or Nîmes are unaffordable at these prices, Avignon and its surroundings can be considered, even if houses with external exteriors are not affordable. laughing are fewer in this budget.

There is no question here of saying that it is easy to access this dream. Between the rules imposed by the bank to obtain credit and goods on the market, the road is sown from start to finish. ches. However, the opportunity to sit comfortably in the sun does exist. Even when you're on minimum wage…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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