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Here is when the energy check will be paid, the first known dates

“Here’s when the energy check will be due, the first known dates”

INFO LINTERNAUTE.COM. Bercy confirmed to us that the 2024 energy check payment schedule. Nearly 6 million households will very soon receive this aid.

Only a few days left à to wait for. While the deadline for using the energy check towards As the year approaches (March 31), the timetable for sending this aid for 2024 has just been announced. be announced &agrav; Linternaute.com. Approximately 6 million French people will receive this financial boost from the State intended& ;eacute; &agrav; reduce the electricity, gas, fuel oil or other bills for the most modest households and those experiencing difficulties ;agrave; face &agrav; these charges.

It is therefore in the spring, as in previous years, that the energy check will be paid out. gradually, department by department. The Ministry of the Economy reveals to us that the first shipments will begin on Tuesday April 2 and will last until #39 until Wednesday May 15, 2024. Over the six weeks, eligible households will receive it directly, depending on their place of residence. The payment schedule by department has not yet been released. finalized.

Over the last two years, several territories have had the first taste of the check: those in the Hauts-de-France region, but also in the Hauts-de-France region. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Grand Est and Burgundy Franche Comté. Gironde, Eure-et-Loir and the overseas departments were also the first to receive aid. It is also within reach. note that all eligible inhabitants of the same city can receive it at the same time. different dates, several shipments being scheduled.

This year, the energy check should benefit from more families than in past years. Indeed, consumer associations have raised à the administration that a million households could be excluded from the system due to the abolition of the housing tax, which served as a remedy for the situation. reference to find out which households are eligible. A hiccup quickly defuses by Bruno Le Maire. The Minister of the Economy affirmed that that there would be "no losers". All beneficiaries of the energy check in 2023 will receive 100% of the energy voucher. new in 2024 and those who think they are eligible but who have not received it will be able to make a claim after the end of payments on the 15th  ;nbsp;may.

Créé in 2015 and generallyé since 2018, this system has been renewed every year since then, even if it had been previously implemented. announced that the check policy was going to die out in France. On average, it allows households to benefit from 150 euros in aid, in a context where there is little or no income. the price of electricity has notably increased by 10% on February 1.

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