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The bank cards of these two banks blocked: impossible to pay for 8 million people

“The bank cards of these two banks blocked: impossible to pay for 8 million people”

Impossible, for several hours, to pay or withdraw money for millions of French people.

"Payment refused&eac;". Millions of French people saw this message appear on a payment terminal this Tuesday. First reflex for everyone: check the funds in your account and, above all, the authorized ceilings. But even without these being reached, it is impossible to pay the bill in any store, nor even to withdraw money from an ATM. A terminal bug? From your bank card? Whether you are a merchant or a customer, there is no need to complain to your bank.

This is none other than BNP Paribas. Its 7 million customers were unable to use their payment method for several hours, regardless of their card and the state of their finances. The bank contributed explanations on the impossibility of to pay. A hiccup occurred between 10:15 a.m. and 1 p.m. &agrav; "a technical incident", which "interrupted payment and withdrawal services by bank card." No further details on the source of the problem have been provided. provided by the bank.

BNP customers have not been affected. the only ones affected by the breakdown. Those of its subsidiary Hello Bank were also affected. affected by the problem. 800,000 additional people were therefore unable to pay for their purchases for several hours, even if “all operations were closed”. rations are not affected, it's random,' he clarified. the group &agrav; TF1 Info.

In addition, access to digital banking services has been increased. disturbed. Although it was possible to connect to your customer area, all the functionalities were not accessible, in particular that concerning your user(s). Bank cards). Finally, everything came back to normal. normal at the beginning of the afternoon and all services are normal. new functional: you can reuse your bank card normally.

Last October, a similar incident took place. This did not affect a particular bank but made it impossible to pay with several brands. The bug came from a technical problem affecting a "monetary solutions provider", in other words a company that provides cash registers, payment terminals and other order terminals in stores.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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