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3 million French people use this tax system which is not directly recorded on the declaration.

This is the most used tax reduction in France. More than three million people use it each year. However, unlike &agrav; a good amount of financial information on taxpayers, this is not automatically completed on the declarations of French people who have used it. Which may come as a surprise as its use is widespread throughout the world. across the country. This is therefore a particular point of vigilance when completing your form.

Between January 1 and December 31, 2023, you may have, like nearly 10% of taxpayers, made a tax payment. a donation à from organizations helping people in difficulty, of general interest, to utility associations ; public, to candidates for elections, to political parties or even for the safeguarding of religious heritage. This gesture of support à a cause is above all the opportunity to lower the amount of its taxes.

In fact, the tax administration deducts 66% from 75% of the amount of your donation on the total bill. For example, if you made a donation of 100 euros and the amount that you initially still had to pay in taxes was 566 euros, this is lowered. ; &agrav; 500 euros thanks to your donation. But be careful, it's & inform the DGFiP of your approach.

This tax line should definitely be checked: it is not filled in automatically

This is done in two steps when completing your income tax return. At the start of the form, a page entitled "Select the sections you wish to appear below" is displayed. You have to scroll it until you see it. the "Charges" and check “Deductions and tax credits: donations, childcare expenses, employment home, union dues, compensatory benefits, etc."

Then it's on the "Your charges" page. that the line à Complete appears. In one of the boxes in the "Donations toés & organizations éestablished in France", you must enter the total amount of your donation in the box corresponding to " the establishment ' who you donated to. Here à which organisms correspond to each box:

  • 7UD : Restos du coeur, Secours populaire, Secours catholique, Salvation Army, ACF, MSF, Médecins du Monde, Red Cross, organizations helping victims of domestic violence
  • 7UJ: Heritage Foundation
  • 7UF : Organizations of general interest, to utility associations and public, to candidates for elections
  • 7UH: Political parties

The tax reduction is then calculated automatically. On the last page "Summaryé of your declaration", you can check the amount of the reduction by clicking on "Consult the details of the calculation", " ; the "Tax Reductions" line.

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