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Banks now obliged to remove these banking fees

A new regulation comes into force and this is good news for customers.

Request money and receive it immediately in your pocket: only cash payment allows this, or almost. Some money transfer applications (Lydia, Paylib) also offer this possibility. If this use is still marginal, it will become more popular in the coming months. come thanks to à a new service that all banks will have to offer. Some already do it, but the regulations will now impose it. all establishments.

Currently, when you make a transfer from your bank account to another, 24/48 hours must be waited before the recipient receives the funds. However, some banks offer to make the transfer within a (very) short period of time: in 10 seconds, the money sent will be sent to you. is already there credit on the other account. An ultra-fast operation which is free in some establishments, but chargeable in others. From 1  euro à 5 euros. However, this will soon be illegal.

Banks now obliged to remove these banking fees

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Indeed, the European Union has decided to to make the use of instant transfer free between accounts, even from different banks, and in the 27 countries of the Euro zone. Thus, the money sent from France to Germany will arrive in 10 seconds, just like when the transfer leaves Spain to Germany. destination from Estonia or Greece to Ireland. And this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One nuance, however, is à specify: we are only talking here about the transfer of money, therefore not counting the validation time when adding a new beneficiary. trustee on his account. It may still take 48 hours before being accepted. by your bank.

All establishments have a long period of time to become compliant. with this new rule. It's only''s only' from Wednesday October 8, 2025, i.e. in a year and a half, any instant transfer will be accepted. must be free.

Currently, few people use the instant transfer service, either through ignorance of the system or because it costs money. ;money. According to the latest data from the Banque de France, this only represents 6% of all transfers made (figures finalized). eacute;s in June 2023) with an average amount of 477 euros. But the share of this transfer method is increasing since it was only 3% in 2022.

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