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Almost no tourists and guaranteed sun, this island in Europe is ideal to visit in February

“Almost no tourists and guaranteed sunshine, this island in Europe is ideal to visit in February”

This little island is not very busy in winter, but it is full of treasures and offers a nice stopover to break the winter < /p>

Here is a place in Europe that does not experience the gray and the last frosts of winter… Common there In summer, it empties of tourists in the late season even though it still offers great experiences. Hikes, beaches, visit to the capital, this little island in Europe, bordered by nature. by the Mediterranean, is ideal for a short stay in the middle of winter. This little station wagon will give you some pep until spring!

À looking for a winter getaway without the crowds of tourists and with a promise of sunshine ? This  jewel in Europe responds perfectly to these criteria. This is the island of Malta. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, this destination offers a perfect combination of culture, history, and idyllic beaches, making it a wonderful place to visit. it is the ideal place for a sunny break in the middle of winter.

In February, while many European cities are still in the grip of the pandemic, winter gray and the last frost, Malta shines with its mild and sunny climate. You won't have extreme heat however, expect between 10 and 15 degrees under a beautiful sun. This is the perfect time to explore the region. #39;island in complete tranquility, far from the tourist crowds of summer.

For lovers of adventure and discovery, Malta is full of treasures. Hikes &amp;eacute; through landscapes & breathtaking views await you, as well as visits to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. And what about its capital, Valletta? The smallest capital in Europe is proving to be a dream destination ;ve for history and culture enthusiasts wishing to explore on foot, under a gentle winter sun. Valletta is not only the beating heart of Malta, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. nbsp;The city is dotted with impressive historical sites throughout the city. every street corner, offering total immersion in the rich pasté of the island.

What makes Malta particularly attractive in February is its peaceful ambiance. Without the summer crowds, visitors can truly enjoy the island and its many attractions. Whether you are &agrav; the search for tranquility on its almost deserted beaches, eager to stroll through the historic alleys of Valletta, or ready to explore. Venture on its hiking trails offering spectacular views, Malta in winter is a promise of renewal and escape. The proximity to The capital's location with some of Malta's most beautiful beaches makes it the perfect place to combine relaxation in the sun and cultural enrichment, for example during a short break. After all, Paris is just one city. 2 hours 30 minutes by plane from Valletta!

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