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At dusk, these places promise you a good dose of magic and romance: we'll take you on a 20-image tour of the most beautiful sunsets!

The most beautiful sunsets to see as a couple Magazine

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In the village of Oia, on the island of Santorini

To the north of the volcanic island of Santorini, this village is THE postcard of the Cyclades with its white troglodyte houses, its ancient churches, blue domes and its legendary sunsets. If there are crowds at the Oia Castle, the most popular place is to visit. &agrav; the time of sunset, try your luck on the terrace of Oia Gefsis: a cocktail & by hand, you will be in the front row to see the sun dip into the Aegean sea.
© santosha57/123RF.COM Pause Dans le village d’Oia, sur… Sur les vignobles du… Sur le Rocher de la… Sur le Brooklyn Bridge, à… Sur un château des… Sur l’îlot d’Es Vedrá, à… Au Château de… Sur les Pyramides de… Sur la plage d’Ipanema, à… Depuis le Pico do Arieiro,…

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