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An edition of the Apple Vision Pro for 7,000 euros is available

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7,000 euros: this is the price of an Apple Vision Pro that appeared on Leboncoin. The device is normally accessible by going to one of the manufacturer's stores, but the addresses in question are unfortunately out of stock. And for good reason: while the company had planned to sell only 80,000 Vision Pro devices during pre-orders, more than 200,000 have already found buyers. However, the base price is set at 3,499 dollars, or more than 3,200 euros at the time of writing.

However, this is the price for the version with 256 GB of internal storage only. A 512 GB edition and another with 1 TB of memory are also offered by Apple, but for more money. Add to this sixteen gigabytes of RAM, an M2 chip and an R1 processor for augmented reality, and you get the SiP that powers the mount. Its design is proprietary, with motherboard assembly by TSMC in Taiwan. It is one of the most prolific founders on the planet at the moment, despite the significant breakthrough of its competitor Nvidia in the graphics card segment.

How to get Apple Vision Pro today?

The Apple Vision Pro is currently unavailable in France. At least, as far as the official sales channel is concerned. Indeed, Apple simply revealed the release date for the American market (it was February 2) but we do not know more about marketing in Europe. However, a more precise schedule should be published in the coming weeks or months, before the Worldwide Developer Conference. This is an event organized each year by Apple in California, where the new versions of its mobile operating systems are presented: iPadOS, iOS, watchOS or even the framework of AirPods wireless headphones. During the show, we will probably also have the chance to discover the next major version of macOS.

Otherwise, for those who are more impatient, it is possible to go through Leboncoin to to treat yourself to the Vision Pro. We also discovered listings for the mixed reality headset for less than 3,000 euros, while others offer to rent the device in order to test it. Practical.

On eBay, Vision Pros are also offered at incredible prices, which can be explained by the platform's auction strategy. Despite everything, delivery times are much shorter than what the Apple Stores offer – where you have to wait several months to receive the product. Otherwise, you can also go through Shipito for shipping, but delays will always depend on your seller in this case.

Why buy it?

As the manufacturer and most testers point out, let's remember that the Apple Vision Pro is above all dedicated, as its name suggests, to professionals. Developers, entrepreneurs and other videographers probably appreciate it for, in turn, creating third-party apps for visionOS, measuring their KPIs with Numerics or even editing content for YouTube by generating numerous virtual screens. But don't buy it if you want to play on Apple Arcade: the titles available in VR are limited, even if Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are there. The Quest 3 or the Quest Pro from Meta are, however, better suited to gaming, the same goes for Sony's PlayStation VR, a brand which also designs the 4K panels for the Vision Pro.

Another version in preparation

In all likelihood, Apple is also preparing a second edition of its mixed reality headset. Another Vision Pro, perhaps simply called Vision, could then see the light of day next year with a more affordable price. Comfort would also be increased, the device being lighter.

On the other hand, here it will probably be necessary to ignore certain performances and high resolution. But if the target doesn't change, then it certainly won't be a barrier to entry.

  • The Apple Vision Pro is worth up to 7,000 euros on resale
  • Apple has not yet revealed release date in France
  • The mixed reality headset will soon be entitled to a more affordable edition

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