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OpenAI unveils Sora, its impressive AI for generating ultra-realistic videos

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« Sora is able to generate complex scenes with multiple characters, specific camera movements and many details brought to the subject as well as to the subject’ background. The tool understands the query written by the user, but also how the different elements exist in the real world”.

This is how OpenAI summarizes the operation of Sora, its new artificial intelligence capable of creating ultra-realistic videos from a simple text .

With Sora, OpenAI is taking the video step forward, offering sequences lasting up to a minute, with astonishing realism and visual complexity. .

The examples published on the OpenAI website illustrate Sora's remarkable ability to generate varied and detailed scenes: a woman walking at night in the streets of Tokyo, ships pirates confronting each other over a cup of coffee, a young man immersed in his reading among the clouds, or even mammoths moving in a snowy landscape.

Sora is designed to understand not only the user's textual query but also the dynamics and interaction of elements in a realistic context.

It can thus generate complex scenes involving several characters, specific camera movements, all with attention to detail for both the subjects and the backgrounds.

No availability date

Despite the enthusiasm for this technology, OpenAI is showing itself careful. For the moment, Sora remains an internal tool, not accessible to the general public. The company has not mentioned a date.

OpenAI, for fear of abuses linked to deepfakesand disinformation, told the media Axios that he had not set any deployment date. This decision is part of a cautious approach as the world prepares for major electoral events, both in the United States and in Europe.

  • OpenAI announces Sora, its AI capable of creating realistic videos from texts.
  • Sora stands out by the quality of the ultra-realistic videos as well as his ability to understand advice on production and artistic direction.
  • Faced with the risks of deepfakes and misinformation, OpenAI has not announced an availability date for the general public.

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