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Another rumor about the release date of the Nintendo Switch 2… Is it credible ?


For several months now, credible rumors have appeared on the internet concerning the possible release of the one called the “Nintendo Switch 2” in the absence of knowing its name. code.

If the console is teased every year by unscrupulous YouTubers with thumbnails with round mouths and enticing titles, it is this year that all the information seems to converge towards the release of the next one Nintendo console. After 7 years of operation already next March for the Switch, it seems logical that the Japanese firm is preparing the launch of the next console.

GameShark is still alive ?!

GameShark, Action Replay, Game Genie, these names probably mean something to you if you ever decided to be a little budding cheater. My memories of these cheat cartridges go back to the days of Pokémon on GameBoy Color where it was possible to build insane teams with the snap of a finger, but I digress.

Another rumor about the release date of the Nintendo Switch 2… Is it credible ?

© GameShark

You should know that the GameShark company still exists, this time under the name of Ai Shark. It was in a press release that the brand announced its return with great fanfare in September 2024 “to coincide with the release of the Nintendo Switch 2”< /em>. Sorry ? Does Ai Shark have any information about the next Nintendo console ?

How serious is this rumor is credible ?

Regarding formerly Gameshark, it seems extremely obvious that Nintendo will never put this type of company developing cheating tools in the secret of its new console. This is how Jason Schreier, a well-known JV journalist in the industry, confirmed that an Ai Shark employee had told him that she was only trying to guess the release date of the Switch 2. It is likely that the press release would have been lost in the limbo of the internet without any attention if it had not mentioned the Nintendo console.

If the lack of information from this company is a certainty, other rumors have already pointed to the month of September as being conducive to the release of Nintendo's next console. This would give Big N time to promote the console, even if previouslyNintendo took an entire year from announcement to release of the console.

Our opinion regarding the release date of the Switch 2

Following this logic and given the success of the Switch, there will ultimately be little chance that “Switch 2” will be released in September 2024 if Nintendo does not announce it during the first quarter.

< p>For our part, we think that Big N will do its usual February direct to communicate on upcoming titles such as Princess Peach Showtime and Luigi's Mansion 2, and will reserve the surprise of a direct dedicated to its next console in March, the Switch's birthday. Finally, we can always hope.

  • A press release indicates an exit from the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.
  • However, this press release comes from GameShark, a cheat company that has no official information from Nintendo.
  • In our opinion, if Nintendo does not announce a new console in the first quarter, there is very little chance that the “Switch 2” will be released this year.

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