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What are the most successful mobile apps ?

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The most downloaded app in 2023 is TikTok. The Chinese social media giant is in fact ranked number one in the ranking by a new survey just published, where we also discover that the second on the list is nothing less than ’ Instagram, however, has been in a good position for much longer. Facebook is still on the podium, just behind. But it is now common to note that the former leader of the sector is attracting less and less the youngest – in the West at least. In Asia, in fact, Facebook still remains very popular even among this age group.

The report State of Mobile 2024also wanted to look into the question of the most popular app categories over the last twelve months. It turns out that the … VPNs are the ones enjoying the strongest growth, in terms of number of downloads! Shopping apps (e-commerce) are third, with more than three billion installations over the period. If, however, we look at user spending, then the most significant growth is actually that of the entertainment sector, with Disney+ having notably increased its revenues by 12% in one year. .

Focus on video streaming

The study, published by data.ai, also compiles important data regarding the main on-demand streaming apps. YouTube thus ranks number one on the market in America, but it is for example HBO Max which wins for the United States alone. In France, it is unsurprisingly Netflix that wins the Palme d’Or, with its hundreds of original productions.

Recently, the American company's studios notably unveiled the thriller Double trap, inspired by a novel by the famous author of thrillers Harlan Coben. We can also cite the case of Pax Massilia, which has been very popular internationally since the end of last year.

Regulation gets involved

Coming back to income, you should know that it is still quite difficult today to see small studios doing well against the most prolific developers. Competition is tough, particularly because Apple imposes a 30% commission on each in-app purchase, the latter being rarely authorized outside of iOS. The Google Play Store is more lax, but even the Alphabet store is under fire from an investigation by the European Commission following the highlighting of these practices considered perhaps abusive by our legislators .

Cupertino, in particular, is accused of anti-competitive behavior. The parent company of Beddit and Beats would notably promote its own video-on-demand platform, namely Apple TV+, to the detriment of sometimes more affordable alternatives. Remember that the price of the offer is in fact set at 9.99 euros per month from now on, but with a much lighter catalog than that of Disney+ or Netflix for the moment.

  • Report reveals the most downloaded mobile apps in 2023
  • Social networks remain the big winners, all on the podium
  • TikTok is the most popular app of the past year

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