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Apple drops a huge clue about its June announcements

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This week, Apple announced the dates for its upcoming WWDC developer conference. This is a highly anticipated event, since it is during this event that the firm will unveil the next versions of its operating systems, including iOS 18, including the new features.

The Cupertino company does not give details on the presentations it will make at this conference, which will be held from June 10 to June 14. However, it has been rumored for a while that Apple should take advantage of the presentation of iOS 18 to unveil its new features based on generative artificial intelligence.

And in case you still had any doubt, Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of marketing, made a publication on X which suggests that artificial intelligence will be there. “It’s going to be Absolutely Incredible!” (This is going to be absolutely amazing!), he wrote. The last words, Absolutely Incredible, with the first letters in capitals, seem to be a sort of teaser for Apple's future AI-based features. And that's not all since, on the poster shared by Joswiak, it is the colors of Siri which are used. Everything therefore suggests that Apple will improve Siri by boosting it with artificial intelligence.

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Apple has stopped teasing its ads

Rumors are already circulating about a model comparable to ChatGPT that Apple has developed and which it would use to improve Siri. In addition, the firm recently bought a startup that would allow it to operate small AI models locally (without an internet connection). However, Apple could also collaborate with other companies, such as Google or OpenAI, for certain functionalities.

In any case, while the firm is lagging behind in the field of generative AI, it has continued to be teased. After confirming that Apple is working on generative AI, its CEO Tim Cook also indicated that an announcement related to this technology will be made this year.

What is certain is that Apple must offer new AI-based features on the iPhone in order to remain competitive. Its main competitor, Samsung, has bet everything on this technology, on the Galaxy S24 series. And that seems to be driving sales. For its part, Google is in the process of integrating its Gemini chatbot into the various elements of the Android ecosystem.

  • Apple is teasing the new AI features of the iPhone, via a publication on X by one of its managers
  • The firm will present iOS 18 at the WWDC conference in June, and this new operating system is expected to include an improved version of Siri, as well as features based on generative AI
  • Apple is forced to follow suit for the iPhone to remain competitive

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