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Apple is reportedly preparing a completely new kind of MacBook, but it could be very (very) expensive

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Foldable screens are not just for the smartphone market. In fact, little by little, some laptop manufacturers are also adopting this technology. As far as Apple is concerned, it has never mentioned foldable screens. However, rumors regularly circulate about future iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks that would benefit from this technology. And in fact, in a recent publication on Medium, the famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo shares his new predictions concerning the future MacBook with foldable screen.

According to this publication, Apple could use a 20.25-inch foldable screen. But the firm also considered an alternative with a diagonal of 18.8 inches. With the 20.25-inch screen, the device would look like a 14- or 15-inch laptop when folded. And with the 18.8 inch screen, it would have a format similar to 13 or 14 inch laptops. As for the timeline, Kuo now predicts that the foldable displays could be produced starting in the last quarter of 2025, while assembly would begin in the first half of 2026. Furthermore, the analyst expects that the first MacBook with foldable screen uses the future M5 processor.

A price that could be very high

When it comes to the quality of the foldable screen, Apple would be extremely demanding. Indeed, the objective would be to have almost no trace of folds on the device. Currently, this is the main defect of products using foldable screens. However, because of this requirement, the price of the upcoming MacBook with foldable screen could be very high. “Apple aims to make the panel as wrinkle-free as possible, which requires high design specifications for the panel and hinge. As a result, the cost of the panel and the hinge is very high,” says Ming Chi Kuo.

Moreover, if the firm does not find a solution to improve its returns, it is possible that the future MacBook with foldable screen will have a price comparable to the current price of the Vision Pro headset. However, Apple would still be optimistic and its goal would be to ship more than a million units in 2026.

  • But obviously, as this is still only a prediction, caution remains in order.
  • Apple is reportedly interested in foldable screens and could even develop a MacBook using this technology
  • In his latest publication on Medium, analyst Ming Chi Kuo discusses the features and price of this future Apple product
  • According to the analyst, assembly could begin in 2026 and Apple would like to exceed one million units shipped in the first year

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