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Job Interview: Why ChatGPT May Cost You a Job ?

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“As effective as this new technology is, humans are still in charge of the recruiting process. This is why having your CV written by a robot is a recipe for disaster…60~/em>. Quoted by CNBC, a hiring manager doesn't mince words when it comes to using ChatGPT and other generative AI in an application.

This risk, however, remains to be qualified based on the results of a survey carried out online by the ResumeTemplates platform. According to the latter, 22% of Generation Z candidates (people born between 1997 and 2010) admit to having used this tool to create a CV or cover letter. This method is therefore starting to become common practice, even if 77% of job seekers say they have modified the production of AI, proof that they do not trust it blindly.

Advice for your job interviews

It is also important to be very careful during a job interview if you are asked if you used ChatGPT during your application. In fact, 55% of respondents said that potential employers welcomed their use of AI during their discussions. But 29% felt that the use of AI prevented them from being hired, which is a relatively high level.

The career experts consulted by the American media therefore suggest playing the honesty card during your discussions with a recruiter. You can also take the opportunity to ask how the company in question uses AI. According to specialists, we must also be skeptical of a society which refuses in principle any use of this technology, because it is the sign of an organization resistant to long-term change.

Whatever it may be, job interviews remain a very dreaded moment for candidates. Recently, we returned in particular to a survey carried out by the company Ringover which questioned 1147 recruiters in order to find out what horrifies them the most in a person applying.

35.8% of respondents indicated that the main criticism they could make of a candidate is arriving late for an interview. Likewise, the absence of visual contact with the interlocutor is frowned upon by 33.7% of participants in this study. Among the other criticisms targeting job seekers, we find the lack of politeness towards other employees (30.8%), inappropriate clothing (29.6%), or forgetting the CV (26.4%).

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