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Apple just fixed one of the iPhone's weirdest bugs

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Despite Apple's efforts to ensure that its software works correctly, iOS updates sometimes come with bugs. In a previous article, for example, we mentioned an iPhone bug which caused the alarm clock to malfunction. This May, some users also reported a very strange bug that causes old, already deleted photos to reappear.

According to the MacRumors site, in some cases, the bug caused photos deleted several years ago to reappear in the gallery. “I have four photos from 2010 that are reappearing as the latest photos uploaded to iCloud. I deleted them several times”, we read for example in a comment on the social network Reddit. But the good news is that Apple has already fixed this problem, releasing a new iOS update.

Apple releases iOS update 17.5.1

According to MacRumors' explanations, the bug appeared among users who installed the iOS 17.5 update. And Apple has just fixed this problem by releasing updates iOS 17.5.1 for the iPhone and iPadOS 17.5.1 for the iPad. “This update provides important bug fixes and resolves a rare issue where photos whose database was corrupted could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted”, maybe we read in the description of iOS 17.5.1, which is a minor update.

As a reminder, iOS 17.5, which included this bug, was a very important update to the operating system. Indeed, it is through this update that Apple offers the downloading of applications from the web, without going through application stores, in the European Union. This is one of the measures taken by the Cupertino company to comply with the Digital Markets Act. Worldwide, iOS 17.5 also provides additional protection against Bluetooth beacons misused as spying tools.

  • Recently, users who installed the iOS 17.5 update reported a bug that caused old photos that had been deleted to reappear
  • Apple fixed the issue by releasing a new update: iOS 17.5.1
  • iOS 17.5 is an important system update, since it allows downloading applications from the web in the European Union

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