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The 8 Show: what is this Squid Game-style series that’s a hit on Netflix ?

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It’s a big hit on Netflix. The Korean series The 8 Show ranks second among the most viewed content in France, just behind the unbeatable Bridgerton. The opportunity for us to tell you everything you need to know about this new production.

What it's about ?

The concept of The 8 Show is reminiscent of Squid Gameand other Battle Royales. Indeed, 8 people find themselves locked in a building in Seoul as part of a TV show. The concept couldn't be simpler: the more time they spend indoors, the more money they earn.

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Problem: a countdown is ticking and they must increase it using more or less subtly hidden rules. Worse, the show does not give equal opportunities to each of the candidates and even maintains clever inequalities between them. The idea being to observe their reactions and behaviors as the tension rises.

The spectators therefore observe these human beings who are reduced to the state of laboratory rats. As we will have understood, the unity of the beginning quickly gives way to everyone for themselves and to violence. Man being more than ever a wolf to man. The organizers have, however, taken a precaution to avoid the worst: if one of the participants dies or is murdered, no one will pocket the jackpot.

The 8 Show is inspired by a webtoon

The series is based on the Korean comic distributed online: Money Gameas well as Pie Game its sequel. It is signed Bae Jin-soo.

What casting for The 8 Show ?

The cast of the series consists of Ryu Jun-yeol (< em>The Night Owl, The King), Park Jeong-min (Time to Hunt , Deliver Us From Evil), Lee Zoo-young (Believer 2), Chun Woo-hee (Unlocked, The Wailing), Park Hae-joon ( 12.12: The Day), Bae Seong-woo (The Swindlers, The King), Lee Yul-eum (Nevertheless), and Moon Jeong-hee (< em>The Limit).

Mixed feedback

With a score of 3.3 out of 5 for viewers of Allociné and 59% among those of Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix subscribers seem divided on The 8 Showand we therefore do not find the same positive unanimity as for Squid Game.

Some people praise this way the staging and social satire, while others believe that the violence is sometimes gratuitous and pointless during these 8 episodes. If you've already had the opportunity to watch this Korean production, what did you think of it?? Let us know in the comments.

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