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Apple Keynote confirmed: find out the date and what products are expected there

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Apple's next keynote will take place on May 7, at 4 p.m. (Paris time). It is quite rare for the Apple company to organize an event so close to the Worldwide Developer Conference.

We already think we know what the manufacturer is preparing for the occasion. It is rumored that several products are on the way for spring. Here is a brief summary.

The OLED iPad Pros

To begin with, you should know that Apple should unveil its new iPad Pros during this keynote. Tablets should for the first time give pride of place to an OLED panel, while this technology has already been present on the front of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro since last September. The technical sheet of the tablets, on the other hand, remains unknown in detail.

However, we believe that the iPad Pros of 2024 will be powered by an M3 chip, following the previous generation still available on devices available in stores today. With this, users could enjoy eight or sixteen gigabytes of RAM. Another new feature: the format, which would be thinner than ever. The dimensions have already leaked, seeming to confirm this theory.

An iPad Air XXL

At the same time, Apple could present two iPad Air models. The first would be the sixth generation of the already known collection, still with a diagonal of 10.9 inches for the display. As for the second, it would be a 12.9-inch first edition. The panel is the same as that of the iPad Pro of the same size with M2 chip, in other words with mini-LED technology on the menu.

The mini-LED, just like the OLED of the iPad Pro M3, allows you to obtain better contrasts than with LCD systems. The result is deeper blacks and generally more vibrant colors. But you still have to pay a price, because these advantages cost more than the current screens of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, from subcontractors. The price of tablets could therefore be on the rise, or not because Apple recently lowered the prices of iPhones following inflation. Which could compensate, if the strategy is repeated on iPad.

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Third generation for the Apple Pencil

Alongside the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, Apple has reportedly developed a new stylus for its tablets. The third generation of the Apple Pencil would be compatible with the Apple Vision Pro, but this could only be clarified during the Worldwide Developer Conference, during the presentation of visionOS 2. It This is the new version of the mixed reality headset operating system, coming soon.

The third generation Apple Pencil would be different from its predecessors, on the one hand thanks to a new gesture allowing it to be controlled simply by pressing the body of the accessory between your fingers. We also assume, on the other hand, and for many years already, that a black stylus is in the cards. But like the rest of the information revealed here, this is for the moment only a hypothesis.

New keyboards ?

During the May 7 keynote, Apple could also unveil a new Magic Keyboard with a metal chassis aluminum. The accessory would be dedicated to the iPad Pro M3, but this also remains to be proven. Remember that certain iPad Air models are also entitled to this wireless keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard also includes a touchpad which would be larger for the opportunity. However, this article has been strongly criticized since its release for its unreasonable price. You often have to pay more than three hundred euros to afford this product, while the competition offers alternatives up to six times more affordable, for example from Logitech.

The calculator app on iPad

Finally, note that Apple could very soon reveal a first version of its Calculator app for iPads. Tablets have never had the right to it yet, while iPhones have had this tool since 2007, not to mention Samsung's Galaxy Tabs. We don't know which features will be duplicated on tablet, however.

Despite everything, recent rumors suggest that serious new features are coming to Calculette, but elsewhere. These changes would be primarily intended for its client for macOS 15, an update also expected during the Worldwide Developer Conference. Among the additional features on the way, it is believed that Apple will add a shortcut to the interface for resizing the window. Finally, the app's buttons could be circular, and integration with Apple Notes would also be included.

    < li>Apple is hosting a keynote on May 7
  • The iPad Pro OLED and the 12.9-inch iPad Air are expected there
  • The third-generation Apple Pencil could also be revealed during the event

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