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Plastic bottles are becoming less and less popular with consumers. Sparkling water lovers then turn to gasifiers. Is this really a good solution?

Bottled water is becoming less and less popular. This unpopularity is particularly due to plastic particles: a recent study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences< /em> in January 2024 reported 240,000 plastic particles per liter, contained on average in a water bottle. This disinterest in purchasing bottles in supermarkets has continued. accentuated by the Nestlé water scandal contaminated. Many people today prefer to turn to tap water.

But what about sparkling water lovers ? The latter are obliged to invest in gasifiers which allow you to dissolve food-grade carbon dioxide in water to create bubbles. The more pressure you apply, the more the water is purified. ;tillante. 60 Millions of consumers leaned over on the subject by testing seven machines to examine whether it was a good alternative to bottled water.

Hervé Cabibbo, deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine, interviewed by France Info, assuredé that the result was “all right” done satisfactory" in terms of taste, à provided you have quality tap water. This may, in fact, vary depending on the region. He particularly highlights the advantage of being able to choose the level of bubbles according to individual preferences. This method turns out to be more practical than buying from scratch. each time packs of sparkling water. There is also an ecological scope: the leader in gasifiers, SodaStream, states on its site that its solutions would make it possible to ;save "in one month, approximately 28 disposable bottles". The brand has assuredé that "by 2025, SodaStream will eliminate 67 billion plastic bottles & single use of our planet.

Is it better to buy sparkling water in a bottle or make it at home ? 60 Million consumers are clear

Furthermore, this system would also be more economical. According to 60 million consumers, this amounts to à "0.22 euro at best per liter of sparkling water", or three à four times cheaper than in a supermarket for brands like Perrier or Badoit. Obviously, we must take into account the cost of the machine (between 60 and 120 euros) and the renewal of the containers.

It is however necessary to take certain precautions. Manufacturers sometimes specify in the instructions that the water produced must be consumed within two days. You also have to think à change containers as directed. "Clearly, you have to buy new ones every two years, because over time, PET (ethyl polytéphthalate) bottles ;ne) is deteriorating", indicated Hervé Cabibbo. According to him, the best system remains that with glass bottles, which are even more ecological.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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