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Apple launches new, not-so-new iMac

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The world's best-selling all-in-one returns in a new version that is almost identical to the previous model. In short, the iMac evolves but does not change drastically.

The design thus remains identical, the only modification being the integration of the latest M3 chips, revealed during the “Scary Fast” keynote. This form factor caused a sensation in June 2021, during the launch of the first generation of iMac M1.

The most Pro iMac ever created

Always as sexy and colorful, the iMac 2023 is distinguished by the integration of the M3 chip, more powerful than ever. Since the iMac did not experience a transition with the M2 generation, the transition from the M1 to the M3 promises an impressive boost in power.

Apple also announces performance with Final Cut Pro software , Adobe Premiere and Photoshop are almost doubled. The iMac M3 is also up to 30% faster than its predecessor for office automation and web browsing.

If the general performance is attractive, the potential of the graphics cores is astonishing. Thanks to Mesh shading and Dynamic caching, the iMac multiplies by 1.5 the number of images it can display per second.

What makes the Pommé all-in-one a gaming machine? Apple is not there yet, failing to offer a sufficiently large catalog to arouse the interest of gamers. But the company seems to be showing more and more interest in it. Some AAA games will be arriving in the App Store very soon, notably Baldur's Gate 3, a hit of the summer.

What is certain, however, is that this iMac boosted with the M3 chip can easily appeal to many professionals, including content creators who are often inclined to turn to more powerful machines. If the Mac Studio remains more recommended, the iMac M3 can perfectly meet those limited by their budget.

All the same

Apart from this engine change, the iMac 2023 edition is identical in every way to the previous generation. We therefore find this unique design characterized by great finesse and shimmering colors.

Apple is not changing the 24'' screen, still capable of displaying content in 4.5K, nor the audio setup consisting of six speakers. The connectivity is also identical: two USB 4.0 ports for the basic version. More surprisingly, Apple continues to offer accessories (keyboard and mouse) equipped with the Lightning connector, already abandoned by the iPhone and a good number of iPads. The only appreciable change: the move to WiFi 6E.

Finally, we note with pleasure that Apple does not touch one iota of the sale price. The iMac M3 is priced from 1,599 euros. It is available now for pre-order for delivery from November 7, 2023.

3 things to remember

  • Apple has announced a new iMac 2023 edition
  • It features the very latest M3 chip and Wifi 6E
  • The rest does not change, neither does the price
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