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At Apple, the Lightning port is resisting

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This Wednesday, October 31 at home, Apple held a conference at a time that was unusual and almost frightening to say the least. This is perfect for Halloween. If we were expecting an extraordinary event, the Cupertino company did not create any real surprise.

Its “Scary Fast” keynote was an opportunity for the brand to present its new chips spectacular M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max and the devices that will benefit from them. Thus, Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro (14” and 16”) and its iMac 2023, all more powerful than ever thanks to M3 chips.

But something made us tick. While new computers are proudly presented, accessories inexorably accompany them. But to our greatest surprise, Apple did not choose to switch them to USB-C. However, we thought the Lightning port was far behind us.

Lightning and Apple, a story that lasts…

Who said the Lightning port was dead? Certainly not Apple. Although the Cupertino company ultimately chose to switch to the USB-C port for its iPhone 15, the Lightning port is still relevant. Accessories compatible with Apple's new MacBook Pro and iMac will not benefit from the universal port that we naively hoped for.

Thus, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard do not feature the new USB port -VS. No matter how much we return the question in every direction: it is impossible for us to find a good reason for this choice. The iPhone 15, Mac, iPad, Apple TV remote control, AirPods and even the Apple Pencil… USB-C has now truly entered the Apple ecosystem.

With a universal port, Apple fans could finally dream of pleasant practicality. But with the resistance of the Lightning port for accessories on new Apple computers, there is reason to breathe a sigh of disappointment. In fact, this means that users will have to continue to juggle several cables to charge all their Apple devices. You don't recharge your keyboard or mouse as often as your iPhone 15… But still!

The surprising absence of a USB-C port for the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse or even The Magic Trackpad may be due to a stock or logistics problem. Still, Apple's decision is difficult to understand.

  • Apple presented its new MacBook Pro and iMac equipped with the spectacular M3 chip
  • But the accessories of these new devices still benefit from the Lightning port
  • A surprising and difficult to understand decision

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