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Apple now considers your AirPods obsolete

Apple recently added several of his devices in his list of objects considered vintage and obsolete.

If you still own the first generation of AirPods, congratulations, you own a device that Apple considers to be the best. now re like vintage.

Apple, like many other manufacturers, has the habit of regularly updating its software. updates its flagship products with new versions. This inevitably leads to older devices no longer being supported and no longer receiving updates. A tech device like a smartphone or wireless headphones that no longer receives updates. Up-to-date are generally considered "obsolete" by the manufacturer who will no longer recommend them à purchase.

A few days ago, Apple put à updates its list of products considered vintage and obsolete. There are three new devices which are still widely circulating among users today: < /p>

  • The iPhone X released in 2017
  • The first generation of AirPods released in 2016
  • The first HomePod released in 2018

If you still have one of these items, rest assured, it may still work perfectly. This means that Apple no longer recommends them for use. purchase and encourages their owners to buy more. pass &agrav; a more recent model, particularly for issues of performance and security. (especially for the iPhone X).

To follow the list of devices considered obsolete by Apple, simply go to the dedicated page. The latter is frequently updated. updated by the manufacturer who indicates the devices which have not been sold in stores for more than 7 years.

Objects considered vintage and obsolete by Apple can still be repaired in an official store, but this will mainly depend on replacement parts still available.

Teilor Stone

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