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Apple presents a new feature for its Safari browser

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In a new report, Apple developers in charge of WebKit explain that they have significantly improved the speed of the Safari browser, powered by the proprietary rendering engine. By measuring the performance of the app installed on MacBook Air M2 with the Speedometer 3 benchmark tool, the speed gain thus reached +6.5% on average. From there to seeing the beginnings of new announcements for the Worldwide Developer Conference, the opening keynote of which is scheduled for June 10, there is only one step that we will not take pas.

Safari is today the number one browser on iPhone and Mac, but is gradually losing market share to the competition. During WWDC, Apple could unveil a new assistant powered by artificial intelligence and accompanying you in your navigation with its browser. The latter had already been greatly improved recently, finally welcoming support for third-party extensions almost fifteen years after the competition.

Is this browser the fastest  ?

On its official website, Apple does not hesitate to assure that its Safari browser is the fastest in the world. This could be explained in several ways. First of all, the Apple firm has been responsible since 2020 for designing its own chips for Mac. This allows it to deliver computers whose software and hardware are jointly optimized, potentially allowing lower energy consumption and greater execution speed. This, for example, cannot be afforded by a Windows laptop running Safari on an Intel chip.

With this, let us add that this promise of world number one does not in reality take into account the results of Speedometer 3. It is thus version 2.1 which is mentioned on the Apple Online Store. What's more, many other comparison criteria are arbitrary and the apps tested are not necessarily the same ones that Arc Search or Aloha Browser would highlight, for example.

Market shares leave little room for Safari

Today it is Google Chrome which remains the leader in the browser sector, with around 60 to 65% market share since 2021. Compared to only 9.61% market share for Safari, in April 2022 (StatCounter figures).

Recently, Microsoft made a breakthrough with Edge, even surpassing the score of Safari, which had been well established for several years. This, thanks to the integration of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence. A value proposition to also follow at Opera, the browser having recently updated its offer with also AI on the menu.

  • Safari prides itself on being the fastest browser in the world, but that needs to be qualified
  • Safari would have gained in speed, being up to #8217;at 6.5% faster than before
  • A test carried out with the Speedometer 3 benchmark app allowed ;come to these conclusions

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