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Humane Pin: the object supposed to replace our smartphones is a monumental oven

Announced like the future replacement for our mobile phones, this revolutionary object is subject to numerous weaknesses.

In his recent test, The Verge journalist David Pierce does not fail to list the many problems raised by the technology of the Humane company. For those who don't know it, the start-up called Humane was born from two former workers straight out of Apple. Founded in 2018, it aspires to: offer a new use for the tool that we can do without on a daily basis: the smartphone. After 5 years of experimentation and the filing of 25 patents, the company launched its first device, the Humane Ai Pin.

Similar &agrav; a mobile phone, the device is designed to respond to user demands and works thanks to artificial intelligence. The Humane Ai Pin does not have a screen, as such, but its functionality is similar to that of the Humane Ai Pin. those of our phones. It is thus possible to make calls, send messages, take photos. A clean order &agrav; the device allows users to project an image in the palm of their hand thanks to a projector. Many features which, according to the press review by the journalist from The Verge, are not available. the height of the requirements.

Jugé “too little accomplished” and accumulating faults, the device still remains too limited. to hope to replace our smartphones. In detail, David Pierce focuses on major issues, including: namely slow responses to user requests and performance issues. He also notices bugs regarding the application. understanding voice commands and the device heats up very quickly. Finally, and this is one of the most important parameters, the price of the Humane Ai Pin is displayed. &agrav; 699€ (not including a telephone subscription to be added). A disproportionate price which does not reflect a viable alternative to mobile phones. Rest à know if the next models will succeed in this fix these issues for users.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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