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Apple Vision Pro: and 4 generations for democratization

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For Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg closely followed by investors in the Apple firm, the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset n& #8217;is still in its infancy. While sales have nevertheless exceeded the manufacturer's predictions, we will have to wait until the fourth generation of the range to benefit from the product which will convince the crowds. And for good reason: for the moment, only real early adopters have tackled the mount, which still costs $3,499 in the United States. For comparison, let's also remember that the Apple Watch adopted a relatively similar strategy when it was launched, with a price set at no less than $549 for the classic version.

These estimates from Mark Gurman are of course not without echoing other rumors, estimating for their part that Apple is preparing up to two or even three other models of virtual reality headsets. One of them, more affordable, would also be lighter and therefore more comfortable on a daily basis. But pleasantness is not the only criterion to improve for the manufacturer, who will also have to deal with the feelings of users who are sometimes lost in the face of such a concentration of technology. For Romain Vitt, another writer publishing in our columns, this is probably the main issue ahead for Apple.

But that's not all

To go even further, remember that Cupertino is also working on a pair of connected lenses. Without even mentioning the case of potential Apple Glass seen in numerous patents, this major advance could go so far as to make the mixed reality headsets present in stores since February 2 obsolete. It must be said that the comfort provided by such compact interfaces is light years away from the difficult-to-endure weight of the Vision Pro.

Note also that Apple is not the only one working on the subject in any case, since this is also the case for one of its major competitors on the market. smartphones and connected objects: Google. Here again, it is notably thanks to official documents filed after the USPTO* that we were able to find out more about this potential concept. Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet, had also developed smart lenses to try to fight diabetes. However, here it is: the project will be stopped at the end of 2018, for lack of convincing results.

Apple, on the other hand, continues to focus on health, whether with the Beddit mat to measure sleep or with connected watches. In addition, as we have already seen other patents, this time evoking AirPods equipped with temperature sensors or other components for well-being, it would not be surprising to also see such systems land close to the iris…

Price and availability

The Apple Vision Pro is today priced at $3,499 in the United States, but the equivalent of this sum for the French market remains the great unknown for the Apple Vision Pro. ;#8217;moment. This is partly explained because no release date has been specified for Europe to date.

A potential deployment schedule for the Old Continent could be announced before the Worldwide Developer Conference, according to rumors that appeared earlier. As a reminder, the headline event dedicated to publishers publishing platforms on the App Store is generally organized in June. This show will be an opportunity to discover the new features of the next major version of iOS, an operating system equipping more than a billion devices. ;iPhone worldwide.

*institution responsible for validating patents to protect the intellectual property of companies, in the United States (equivalent to the INPI in France)

  • L’Apple Vision Pro is not yet ready to convince the general public
  • The mixed reality headset could only seduce the crowds from the fourth generation
  • A more affordable and more comfortable edition is already in the pipeline, according to rumor

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