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Apple Vision Pro: the headset announced within a few days in France ?

Several clues now point to an imminent release of the Apple Vision Pro in several countries including France.

Unveiling For the first time a year ago, the Apple Vision Pro could finally arrive in France within a few days. After a very notable release in the United States, Apple's headset (or space computer) has been quite discreet for several months. Several clues and rumors, however, indicate that the Cupertino company plans to relax the market. of Vision Pro &agrav; different countries and notably France.

The next major Apple conference is dated June 10, 2024. The latter will be held during the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) which celebrates the new software features of Apple devices. This date should in particular allow à the firm to unveil all the new features at its disposal. coming for iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, etc…

But it could well be that Apple will benefit from its conference at home. WWDC to make an announcement regarding one of its most anticipated devices: the Vision Pro headset.

The WatchGeneration site would have notably heard from several Apple stores which are preparing to launch. make space within their stores. This particularly echoes the older information concerning Apple France employees who had been recently trained in using the Vision Pro to demonstrate it in stores.

Another reliable source: the famous journalist Mark Gurman, who specializes in in information and rumors concerning Apple, had recently revealed that Apple wanted to release the Vision Pro in several other countries. Among these, we would find in particular China, Australia, Korea, but ' also France.

Could such an output window save the sales of the Apple Vision Pro ? The latest news is that the headset launched in 2019 by the firm at the start of 2024 could not achieve its goal. find many interested people in the United States despite a nice launch. Even worse: several users quickly went to the store to return their copy after only a few days of use.

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