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Apple VS Samsung: the two giants are neck and neck< /p> © Presse-citron

According to a recent study, the satisfaction rate of Apple computer users is equal to that of Samsung: 83%. This is the first time in twenty years that the two manufacturers have positioned themselves at the top of the ranking of the most convincing companies, ahead of Dell or HP. It's difficult to guess the origin of this major change, but previously the Apple firm was always first on the list.

Despite everything, its machines are particularly difficult to repair. Apple has released a manual with a case including tools to repair its devices, but not all of them are compatible for the moment. In addition, the price of spare parts remains very expensive and the conditions imposed on third-party stores are too limiting. These must in particular be supplied with official spare parts only. Otherwise, bugs may occur. Replacing the screen or battery of your Samsung smartphone, however, can be done at many well-established addresses, with peace of mind.

Apple, historic leader in customer satisfaction

In its defense, however, Apple continues to offer an almost unrivaled synchronization experience. All you have to do is correctly activate your iCloud account, and all photos captured on the iPhone are automatically readable on the Mac. With this, the Handoff functionality allows, for example, to start playing a video on your iPad and continue it on your Apple TV, without the image or audio stream cutting out for a single second. p>

But these advantages come at a significant price. This is precisely the price. For comparison, a “classic” iPhone 15 starts at 969 euros in the Apple Store, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 already costs 120 euros less. But with two gigabytes of RAM more.

Ever more efficient chips

On Apple's side, we also unveil new processors very regularly, since the American manufacturer chose to do without its historic partner: Intel. But while the transition proved risky, it seems to have borne fruit. Most critics are unanimous, and the M1 and M2 ranges have proven themselves. The next one, with M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max and M3 Ultra chips in the pipeline, could see the light of day no later than next year. An iMac would be equipped, as well as a Mac mini, a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro and perhaps iPad Pros with OLED panel for the first time.

Samsung also offers its own motherboards , with the Exynos brand. But recently, it is especially Qualcomm which has been talking about its printed circuits at the Korean.

In brief:

  • Apple and Samsung have the same customer satisfaction rate
  • Usually, Apple is first
  • The change could be explained by the difficulty of repairing Apple products, and by high prices

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