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Rain of new products at Amazon: Echo, Fire TV and Eero in the spotlight

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Amazon has just presented new accessories for the connected home, including the third generation of the Echo Show 8, two new Fire TV Stick 4K, connected glasses and a router. The products are not yet available, but the release date will be coming soon.

Echo Frames are smartglasses integrating the Alexa voice assistant, which can be called to control your home automation or trigger the playback of a playlist. A speaker is therefore integrated directly into the temples of the frame, which is obviously reminiscent of Bose's eponymous value proposition. Price: $269, across the Atlantic.

With this, Amazon has also just introduced the Eero Max 7 modem, providing a connection of up to 9.4 Gbit per second. The device covers up to no less than two hundred and thirty-two square meters. Still count on 699.90 euros to treat yourself to it, with Matter, Thread and ZigBee compatibility.

What are the new Amazon Echo worth?

The third generation Echo Show 8 takes up almost line for line the codes of its predecessor, at a price of 169.99 euros and in black or white. Concretely, the device takes the form of an eight-inch tablet with integrated speaker, all powered by proprietary software. And this is perhaps its main flaw: no Android on the menu, and therefore limited integration.

With this, Amazon also introduced the all-new Echo Hub. Like an iPad, the device will be very popular as a control center for the smart home. Moreover, it is possible to install a wall support so that, for example, you cannot place the interface right in the entrance, close to the key box. Count 199.99 euros in France, the manufacturer announcing compatibility with more than ten thousand different devices and a diagonal of 8 inches on the meter, too.

Rain of new products at Amazon: Echo, Fire TV and Eero in the spotlight

Amazon Echo Hub © Amazon

Des new dongles for the television

For those who already have a big screen at home, Amazon also offers the new Fire TV Stick 4K and its big brother, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The main difference between the two is the price: the Max version costs 79.99 euros compared to 69.99 euros for the other. But the second generation of the Fire TV Stick 4 Max also comes with a more powerful processor, twice as much internal storage (sixteen gigabytes) and Wi-Fi 6E. So many benefits not available with the classic Fire TV Stock 4K.

The Fire TV Stick can be used to launch apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and connects via the TV's simple HDMI port . Opposite this system, we also find the Chromecast with or without Google TV, from the eponymous firm, and the Apple TV from Cupertino. But the latter's case is much more imposing than the Amazon and Google keys.

Rain of new products at Amazon: Echo, Fire TV and Eero in the spotlight

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K second generation © Amazon

In brief:

  • Amazon introduced two new 8-inch Echos, including one with wall mount
  • Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max HDMI dongles feature of a second generation
  • Amazon presented new glasses connected with Alexa
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