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The Win + C shortcut will transform the way you use Windows< /p> © Presse-citron

  • Microsoft's Copilot artificial intelligence is arriving on Windows 11, it will be deployed this September
  • This AI integrates 150 features that will be accessible on the taskbar or via the Win + C shortcut
  • Paint is also entitled to a new functionality based on generative AI

Thanks to its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft is benefiting greatly from the generative artificial intelligence revolution. The Redmond firm has already integrated the technologies of this AI leader into various products. For example, the Bing search engine already integrates GPT-4, the most advanced version of ChatGPT. Microsoft has also integrated AI-based assistance into services such as Microsoft 365 and GitHub for developers. And soon, this revolution is coming to Windows 11, via the new Copilot feature, which will be accessible via the Win + C shortcut.

AI integrated into Windows

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president and director of consumer marketing at Microsoft, explains that Copilot is a unification of different generative AI-based features in a single product. “It will be a simple and seamless experience, available in Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and in our web browser with Edge and Bing. It will work as an app or reveal itself when you need it with a right-click,” it says.

As for Windows 11, it will receive an update, starting September 26, to integrate Microsoft's new AI-based assistant. In total, there will be 150 features available on Copilot for Windows 11. And it will offer an even more personal and more integrated experience, since it will be a Windows feature (and not a chatbot that we open on a browser). In addition, access to AI will be easy and quick. Indeed, Microsoft makes Copilot available to the user directly on the taskbar or via the Win + C shortcut.

Paint, Photos, DALLE 3

Microsoft has made quite a few announcements related to artificial intelligence. And among these, there is the arrival of AI on Paint. “Paint has been enhanced with AI for drawing and digital creation with the addition of background removal and layers as well as a Cocreator preview that brings the power of generative AI to the Paint application”, indicates Yusuf Mehdi.

As for the Photos application, it will benefit from a functionality of background blurring, thanks to artificial intelligence. Otherwise, Bing will benefit from an even more efficient image generator: SLAB 3. This new image generator was recently unveiled by OpenAI and allows you to obtain better quality images. The new AI is also able to better understand the requests of its users.

Otherwise, Microsoft also presented new productivity features for Microsoft 365, as well as new computers Surface.

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