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Apple: what if the successor to the iPhone was a robot ?

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Apple is still looking for its next big thing, after the iPhone. While it has managed to enter the mixed reality market, via the Vision Pro, the firm has, however, failed to enter the electric car market. And now, it would explore a completely different sector: robotics. In any case, this is what Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, indicates.

According to this source, who is generally well informed, Apple is studying the possibility of offering personal robots to its users, for the home. Among the ideas discussed, there would be a personal robot that would follow the user throughout their home. Apple would also have imagined a screen to be placed on a table which, thanks to robotics, would change orientation to follow a person.

But, for the moment, the project would only be in its genesis and therefore, it is possible that it will be abandoned. In addition, as usual, since this information does not come from an official source, it should be considered with caution. In any case, this new rumor had an impact on Wall Street. According to Bloomberg, iRobot shares, the manufacturer of Roomba vacuum robots, briefly gained 17%, before falling again. Apparently, investors believe that this company could benefit from Apple's possible entry into the robotics market.

A sector which is already of interest to the competition

In any case, it is important to point out that some of Apple's competitors in the smartphone market are already quite advanced in the home robotics sector. For example, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which has just entered the electric car market, already markets robot vacuum cleaners and has also developed robot dogs that can follow the user throughout the home. For its part, Samsung, Apple's historic rival in smartphones, is developing a mini-robot called Ballie which also follows the user home, and which can serve as an interface to communicate with the connected home.

As for Tesla, he has an even more ambitious project: a humanoid robot designed to perform dangerous or boring tasks. At the end of 2023, Tesla made a strong impression by unveiling its latest prototype. And recently, Elon Musk indicated that when it comes to market, Tesla's robot could cost half the price of an electric car.

  • Apple is always looking for the next big thing, after the iPhone
  • The company has entered the mixed reality market , but its electric car project ended in failure
  • Now, Apple is reportedly exploring the idea of ​​offering robots to its customers

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