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With an error rate of 700/1,000, Amazon's cashier-free supermarkets are a failure...

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It was already more than 3 years ago, Amazon was promoting its new technology “Just Walk Out”, the concept of which mainly consists of entering and exiting ;#8217;a store, without going through a checkout… but still paying for his purchases. In fact, the system detects each product collected from the shelves by cameras, and a final scan is carried out when leaving.

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Amazon begins uninstalling its payment device “Just Walk Out”

A revolutionary and avant-garde technology, which the giant Amazon dreamed of democratizing throughout the world. However, it is rather the opposite that is in preparation… Indeed, according to The Information, Amazon not only made the decision to stop the deployment of its technology in its Fresh convenience stores, but also to uninstall it where it was already present.

This checkout-less payment technology was not yet very widespread in the United States, since only 20 Amazon Fresh grocery stores, out of a total of 40, were equipped with it. Still according to the magazine, “Just Walk Out” should however continue to exist, but in smaller stores, notably the Amazon Go spaces.

A form of failure despite everything for the giant Amazon, which had started its work on this payment technology as early as … 2012! According to the results of various experiments (conducted in India) and the report of The Information, approximately 700 sales out of 1,000 required human intervention to correct possible errors and validate the payment. A score very far from the objective (50 per 1000) desired by Amazon.

On the Amazon side, we should focus on another form of payment, namely Dash Cart. The latter takes the form of a classic shopping cart, but has numerous sensors allowing it to automatically recognize the items placed. Once their shopping is finished, the customer can take a specially dedicated lane, then the cart checks the contents of the shopping on its own, and asks to pay, without any help from a cashier.

Remember that Amazon also keeps a watchful eye on the artificial intelligence market, and the American group recently invested no less than 4 billion dollars in Anthropic, a company having developed a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

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