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Are you drinking too much coffee ? This is what science says

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After water, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. No less than 2.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day on the planet. In France, 94% of us consume it. This is appreciated mainly for its taste, but also for the psychostimulant effectcaused by the presence of caffeine, or 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, a molecule also present in tea. Indeed, contrary to many beliefs, tea contains exactly the same molecule and not theine, a simple nickname.

If caffeine abuse can lead to fairly significant side effects, moderate coffee consumption is absolutely not dangerous; it's quite the opposite.

Coffee, a protector cardiovascular

C’is a study presented in 2021 at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology by Dr. Judit Simon and her team from the Cardiac and Vascular Center of the University of Budapest which validated this observation.

This research brought together more than 468,000 participantswithout a history of heart disease and the researchers relied on data provided by the UK Biobank to draw their conclusions. The results are clear: consumption of around three cups daily is associated with a reduced risk of fatal heart disease and 'CVA (Cerebrovascular accident).

Thus, moderate coffee drinkers see their risk of premature death (whatever the cause) reduced by 12% and their risk of death linked to cardiovascular disease lowered by 17%. Concerning the risk of death by stroke, it is even more notable, since it drops by 21%. These figures are established in comparison with people who do not consume coffee.

Other impacts of coffee on the body

In addition to a beneficial effect on protecting the body against diseases, coffee has other virtues. Dr. Judit Simon and her team, during this gigantic research, also used advanced imaging techniques, including cardiac magnetic resonance, to examine how coffee could impact the structure and function of the heart in participants. .

Here too, the results are positive, since it turned out that regular coffee consumers had a heart muscle of’ a more optimal size and functioning more efficiently compared to individuals who did not drink it. Another good point for the coffee!

According to Dr. Judit Simon, these observations therefore suggest that consuming coffee would keep the heart in good health and would contribute quite significantly to countering certain effects of aging of this organ. Optimized cardiac function is correlated with higher quality and longevity of life in affected individuals.

Precautions and optimal consumption

According to Professor Rob van Dam, of George Washington University, it is still necessary to consume coffee judiciously in order to maximize these benefits while minimizing the risks. “ Overall, the picture regarding coffee consumption is quite positive, especially if you drink it without too much cream or sugar&amp ;nbsp;» he declared to USA Today.

Indeed, the addition of unnecessary calories or fat to coffee can be a risk factor in the development of certain conditions such as ;obesity or type 2 diabetes. Two scourges, particularly prevalent in the United States (although the Old Continent and the rest of the world are not left out in this regard either).

Rob van Dam also adds that “ more details potentially […] on the types of coffee and the optimal dose and perhaps on the mechanisms involved in the changes in the level of the heart » could be provided by other research. It is possible that certain types of coffee (filtered, espresso, instant, etc.) are more beneficial than others on health.< /p>

Consuming coffee in moderation is therefore not bad for your health, it's even quite the opposite. Obviously, overdoing it will do the exact opposite: increase blood pressure and excessive stimulation of the nervous system. As Paralcese rightly wrote: “Omnia venenum sunt, nihil sine veneno est: dosis sola facit venenum  “, in other words:  Nothing is poison, everything is poison: only the dose makes the poison ”. Moral: drink coffee, but don't drown in it!

  • A 2021 study by Dr. Judit Simon and her team from the Heart and Vascular Center at the University of Budapest proved that coffee has cardioprotective benefits.
  • In moderate consumption, it would also counter the effects of aging of the heart.
  • Other studies would be welcome to find out if certain types of coffee could be more beneficial than others.

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