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Google Maps: this new feature will make your daily life more pleasant

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Finding an available charging station is a major problem for all motorists who drive electric vehicles. According to a survey published in April 2023, it is even the third obstacle cited by the French to purchasing an electric car. This is particularly the case for travel over long distances or in rural areas.

A very welcome feature

Google Maps may have the beginnings of an answer to this concern. Over the coming months, the service will provide detailed directions to help users locate nearby charging stations.

It is once again AI that will enable this positive development. In fact, these will be created thanks to millions of user reviews to provide more precise route information. For the moment, the measure only seems to concern the United States, but there is no particular reason why it should not be deployed in Europe. According to Business Insider, renowned automobile manufacturers should participate in this project including Ford, Volvo, and Honda.

This initiative is all the more beneficial as it comes at a pivotal moment. We are indeed witnessing a decline in sales of electric cars, but by responding to one of the major fears of consumers, Google could give a real helping hand to players in the sector.

Lots of new features on Google Maps

As a reminder, many new features of Google Maps have already been announced last March. We know in particular that the Mountain View firm's service will benefit greatly from innovations linked to artificial intelligence. For example, the AI ​​will be able to identify a dish in a photo published by an Internet user in a comment. Enough to form a reliable opinion on a restaurant by observing the price, its popularity, and various other criteria.

Similarly, Google Maps will display in around forty cities of North America from recommendations issued by tourist guides such as Lonely Planet, New York Times, OpenTable and much more. It is unknown whether these suggestions will soon appear within the European Union, but there is no doubt that they would be very appreciated by vacationers on the old continent. What do you think of the latest developments in the service ? Do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Google Maps will offer a feature dedicated to electric car owners
  • These are routes to guide them to nearby charging stations
  • This is an initiative to be welcomed which addresses a major concern

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