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The electric car the best-selling in France are you interested in? Don't wait until next year!

Certain electric models from a very popular brand in France will see their prices soar in 2024.

If you want to buy an electric car, now is the time, especially if the latest Teslas catch your eye! The drop in prices for the world's best-selling electric car brand recently gave rise to a drop in prices for the world's best-selling electric car brand. a new boost to its sales, including in France whereù the American manufacturer has risen to the top of the list. leading vehicle sales in Europe "green energy" in 2023. To sell its models throughout the world, On a large scale, Tesla still benefits from the French state bonus allocated to buyers of electric vehicles. But in 2024, that will change!

Under study for several months, the changes to the ecological bonus rules will take effect from now on. from January 1st. The government has decided to to tighten the criteria to restrict the list of vehicles benefiting from state aid. The ecological bonus will soon be subject to change. an "environmental score" that each car will have to reach – we are talking about 60 points out of 80 – to remain eligible. The environmental impact will be calculated in a much more global way than currently, including taking into account the materials used for the manufacture of the vehicle, the assembly, its transport and even its battery.

For the government, the objective is, ultimately, to encourage the purchase of vehicles manufactured in Europe and more particularly in France. A form of protectionism which does not have the name and which, in the name of the new fad of decarbonizing our roads at all costs, aims above all to counter the offensive of Asian manufacturers, particularly Chinese, on the automotive market. European. From there, some brands have problems with this. to be done. This is obviously the case for Tesla, a large part of whose cars are produced in China, in the Shanghai Gigafactory. Like all Chinese brands that are on the rise (BYD, Aiways, Leapmotor, Geely…), Tesla has a very good chance of being excluded from manufacturers eligible for the ecological bonus.< /p>

This will not prevent Elon Musk's firm from filing with From October onwards, you will receive an application file, all of which will be studied within two months. On December 15, the list of vehicles benefiting from the new ecological bonus will be made public. Today the best-selling electric model in France, the Tesla Model Y is currently accessible to all. from 38,990 euros thanks to the ecological bonus. But in a little over three months, you will probably have to spend an additional 7,000 euros to get it. If you were planning to buy a Tesla, now is the time to give it a try.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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