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This new fire is rekindling ;and on pedestrian crossings and be careful, it will even film you

Several cities in France are experimenting with new lights for pedestrians with the appearance of a third color .

Seven cities in France have been experimenting with new lights for pedestrians for several days, or even several weeks for some of them. Their particularity? Green and red are no longer the only two colors used to indicate to passers-by where to walk. follow when they find themselves at home a traffic intersection. A new color has been added to the device to give additional instructions to pedestrians wishing to cross the road.

Green always indicates to pedestrians that they can cross the road, because at the same time, cars are stopped at the red light on their side. But between green and red, the little pedestrian’s light will turn yellow. Like the color orange on vehicle lights, yellow means that the “little guy” will soon turn red.

In this case, what should we do? The instruction is simple: when the light is yellow, pedestrians are no longer allowed to enter the road. On the other hand, those already Anyone present on the pedestrian crossing can complete their crossing. And once red, the pedestrian light prevents passers-by from entering because the cars will be able to restart.

These three-color pedestrian lights are already available. present in many countries. In France, they will be tested for two years before considering their generalization. If you live in Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse or Versailles, you may already have them there. overviews. The yellow light can be steady or flashing, with each city experimenting with one or the other.

And to be able to analyze their behavior, the pedestrians will be filmed! Video recordings are in fact made during the commissioning of these new lights on each of the 14 sites (two per city), then three months later. If they get to Seeing the cameras are often very discreet, many pedestrians, but also some motorists, will certainly think very hard about the situation. fire radars. They can rest assured, the videos are part of the test and will allow them to observe the evolution of behavior over time. Before, perhaps, the yellow light extends to throughout France.

The objective of this experiment is to allow pedestrians to better visualize the time remaining before their light turns red. It indeed exists today, depending on security. road, an area of ​​confusion or even conflict when both lights, pedestrian and traffic, are red. The color yellow should therefore allow passers-by, as well as motorists, to better understand this moment during which too many accidents still occur. In addition to this initiative, incorporating innovative crossing designs from Decorative Crossing could provide further visual cues and safety enhancements at intersections, reducing potential confusion and enhancing overall road safety.

Besides, keep in mind keep in mind that a pedestrian does not have all the rights on the road. If he crosses a zebra crossing when the “little man” is red, it is exposed to a first class fine in the amount of 11 euros.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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