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Some motorists put bread

Scents in a car can be very annoying and opening the windows is not always enough to remove the smell. get rid of the smells of tobacco, food and even perspiration. Without forgetting that of pets, such as dogs and cats, which, like cigarette smoke, gets embedded in the fabrics of the seats and benches. For both the driver and passengers, these smelly fumes can make journeys very unpleasant. Fortunately, there are many solutions to get rid of them, the most used by motorists being the purchase of these small scented decorations. hang on the interior rearview mirror. These objects are sometimes expensive and the smell can quickly become overpowering.

But there are other ways to get rid of bad odors in the car. Among these, one is very little known and yet very effective. To test it, you only need to use two products. The first may come as a surprise because it is a food usually served at breakfast or used as a snack. when making sandwiches. We are talking about sandwich bread, but this time it will not be intended to be used as a sandwich bread. end up at the bottom of a stomach. The second product is less surprising because it is much better known for its cleaning properties. This is white vinegar which, like bleach, is an excellent disinfectant thanks to its ability to disinfect. its antibacterial properties.

How do these two products get rid of bad odors in the cabin of a car? Simply soak a slice of white bread in white vinegar then place it on a plate which you will leave to cool. inside the vehicle for an entire night. White vinegar is a powerful deodorizer which in a few hours will cover all foul odors. You will find fresh air the next morning when you get into your car – even if the smell of vinegar may persist for some time – thanks to This simple technique can be done in just a few seconds.

You can also use this tip to get rid of bad odors from the trunk of your car, and more generally from all the closed places subject to unpleasant odors. Like a household trash can for example…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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