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Artificial intelligence at school: real reinforcement or replacement for teachers ?

In addition to public services, taxation or the environment, the world of education will also be turned upside down. by the arrival of an artificial intelligence (AI) called Aristotle. For better and… for worse?

The objective is to put people back at the heart of our public services, defended Gabriel Attal , which Franceinfo echoes. Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine), the Prime Minister unveiled this Tuesday, April 23, a whole range of artificial intelligence tools. If AI Albert should lend a helping hand to the tax administration, as reported by BFMTV, national education will not be left behind. The head of government thus announced that an artificial intelligence responding to the sweet name of Aristotle, in reference to the famous Greek philosopher, will be set up from the start of the school year in September 2024.

So, &agrav; what to expect ? Would Aristotle be THE solution found by the executive to compensate for the glaring lack of professors in universities? ;schools of the Republic ? According to the Pisa report published by the OECD by December 2023, two thirds of students in institutions éstudyé The authors of this report were affected, in 2022, by the shortage of teachers. However, teachers, students and parents should not have too much to do. worry about the arrival of AI in the world of education next September.

Aristotle's artificial intelligence will mainly help undergraduate students to learn their skills. revise for exams. A bonus therefore, which will not be replaced by the presence of teachers. Concretely, Aristotle will have the ability to to generate quizzes and evaluations based on course materials, reports BFMTV. And this, in order "to improve [the] success rate [of students] in bachelor", underlined ; Gabriel Attal during his speech, relays franceinfo. À note that artificial intelligence will also aim to make more than 3,000 hours of lessons more accessible to students with disabilities, this allowing in particular to generate subtitles at any time. from the sound of the videos. The fact remains that if this touch of AI, however small, is crowned with success, & In the future, it is very likely that artificial intelligence will be put more into practice. contribution à school. Until'à what a point ? Continued in the next episode!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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