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Ascension Bridge: will the good weather last ?

If the weather is now summer everywhere in France, the heat and the sun should disappear after the Ascension Bridge… < /p>

This has probably not escaped you: the sun and the heat have reappeared since Ascension Thursday, everywhere in France, after a long period of gloomy weather, with temperatures below seasonal norms. As recalled by Meteo Consult, the month of April saw a deficit of -7% in sunshine at night. nationally, with even 15 30% deficit on half of the north. This Friday on the other hand, the mercury rose; à 25°C in the southwest of the country, with the mildest temperatures even in Finistère! Same program for Saturday 11 and Sunday May 12, with temperatures approaching 30°C on the southwest coast, according to forecasts. visions of your weather.

Ascension Bridge: will the good weather last ?

Screenshot of Sunday May 12 afternoon © Weather France

We must take advantage of it, because the return of the sun will be fleeting, just long enough for the bridge to reach the bridge. Ascension!  From Sunday, everything goes to hell: the weather will be bad! again unstable and stormy, with anticyclonic weakness. Result: the week of May 13th to 19th will be rainy and cooler… There will be no more sun at night. the horizon brought into focus leaves for the Côte d'Azur and Corsica. The maximums will reach à barely 20 degrees in the afternoon. 

Ascension Bridge: will the good weather last ?

Screenshot of Thursday May 16 morning © Méetéo France

Successive storm waves are also forecast from the southwest to the northeast, as well as heavy precipitation and a new risk of frost. ;THE. And this stormy trend will continue even the week of May 20 to 26! Only the southeast and the Mediterranean will once again be pushed aside…

Teilor Stone

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