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This French city wins the prize for rudeness and spoiler: it's not Paris

You are completely wrong if you thought that the kings of rudeness were Parisians!

Mourners on transport, stingy when paying the bill, impatient when waiting in line… The French don' 39;do not always have a good reputation abroad. But if  the "Froggies" (this nickname that the British like to give us) have a reputation for being rude, this belief would not come from foreigners passing through the country. ;Hexagon, but rather the French themselves. According to a recent study carried out by the language course platform Preply, more than two thirds, or 68%, of French people. But those surveyed agree with this statement. And if the capital is often targeted, the investigation puts an end to the cliché. and the city that wins the grail is not the one with which one would have thought…

More than 1,500 residents of 15 major French cities were involved in the project. asked about the main reasons why they think the French are rude. Respondents cited: the fact of being absorbed into the world using your phone in public, not picking up dog droppings, being noisy in public and the omission of ;"thank you" to the driver à leaving public transport (carpooling, buses, taxis, etc.) for the main reasons. And when these respondents were surveyed on the frequency at which they are witnesses to this disrespectful behavior in their city, the prize went surprisingly to… The one that the # 39;we nicknamed "The capital of Gaul" : the city of Lyon!

This French city wins the prize for rudeness and spoiler: it's not Paris

The famous Place Bellecour à Lyon. © Frédéric Prochasson – stock.adobe.com

Indeed, the city of Lyon received a rudeness rating of 9.41 out of 10, followed closely by Marseille ( 9.26 out of 10) and Nice (9.08 out of 10). A leading trio that will not please the inhabitants of the south of France! But the city of Toulouse saves the day, because it wasé rated by study respondents as the most 'polite' city, with a score of just 7.15 out of 10, the rating the lowest, closely followed by Strasbourg (7.17 out of 10), then Rennes (7.22 out of 10), Bordeaux (7.27 out of 10) and finally Dijon (7.59 out of 10). And Paris then ? The capital only comes in fourth position among the most impolite cities , behind Nice, with a score of 9 out of 10. Finally, the city of Lille closes the ranking of the 5 most impolite cities with a score of 8.25 out of 10 . 

Of course, not all French people correspond to this. This stereotype of rudeness. And while it is true that some French people can appear rude, this is to be expected, at least from a foreigner's point of view,' ;nbsp;à a cultural misunderstanding. Indeed, it would mainly come from the fact that swearing is commonplace in France and this cultural difference would lead to misunderstanding on the part of others. abroad. But that's it, this study shows that the French themselves have a tendency to strongly criticizes himself on the issue and we cannot count on him to improve his image!

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