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At Monabanq, you have 7 days to receive €240 in cash

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Monabanq is attacking the start of the year in the most beautiful way with an operation that allows new customers to put butter in their spinach. While other online banks offer between 0 and 80 euros welcome bonus, the subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel group can boast of offering .

Please note, this offer is only available for a limited time: from January 25 to 31, 2024. Above all, you should know that it is divided into three parts of 80 euros each. First, you will receive 80 euros for actually opening your account – once you have validated it with a first payment. Then, you will receive the rest if you take a Visa Premier or Platinum card. Finally, the last installment is paid if you use the banking mobility service.

A relevant range

Below, you have the three formulas that are available from Monabanq. You will notice that the bank does not offer a free offer as is the case with BoursoBank or Fortuneo for example.

That said, it has the merit of asking for a very reasonable contribution (and significantly less expensive than a traditional bank) which allows it to be transparent about fees. Everyone knows precisely how much it will cost them – and this allows the bank to have a viable economic model in the long term. This is absolutely crucial when depositing your money with a service provider.

At Monabanq, you have 7 days to receive €240 in cash

The range © Monabanq

As a reminder, the French pay on average 220 euros in bank fees per year – for a standard account. Here, the cheapest account will cost you just 36 euros per year. If you take the formula with the Visa Premier card at 18 euros per month, this will cost you 216 euros per year. But this is the highest level of service for a credit card.

At Monabanq, you will also notice that all bank cards are accessible without income conditions. This is an exception because most other online banks require a minimum monthly income to award a premium card. If you have irregular income (if you are an entrepreneur for example), Monabanq will be a partner of choice.

One thing is certain: if you intend to open an account with Monabanq, you must do it now: it is the most generous bonus that the bank has always put forward. You can receive 240 euros, or 3 times the average amount offered by the market, if you subscribe to its offer by the end of January. This amount will also allow you to finance your monthly contribution to him in the long term.

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